Hola Chicas!

The ‘Question of the Day’ posts are usually inspired by questions I really want answered… most moisturizing DT, slipperiest detangling conditioner, detangling routine, your favorite multi. Your comments inspire me to try new products and techniques, and creating blog posts specifically designed to generate these responses is nothing short of amazing.

So, what are the questions you want the CN.com community to answer? Be forewarned that your fellow natural’s responses may cause your PJism to spin wildly out of control. Submit your top three questions to [email protected], using ‘Question of the Day’ as the subject line.

On May 10, 2010, I’ll randomly choose one participant to win a free set of Curl Cloths!

According to the product description, their smooth, flat surface is designed to wick away just the right amount of moisture from your hair ensuring that your favorite curl-friendly styling product properly sets the curl for optimal smoothness, shine and definition.

You could use Curl Cloths in the same manner as I use Hand Dry Hair Gloves to rid yourself of the drippies prior to applying products.

Good Luck!