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Curly Nikki

Share Your TWA Routine!

By January 27th, 202145 Comments

Share Your TWA Routine!
Hola Chicas,

I’ve been asked to inquire about the TWA (teeny weeny afro) routines of the community.

So dish (whether past or present)…

  • How do you keep it moisturized?
  • What products and techniques do you use to style?
  • How often do you style?
  • How do you get your waves or curls popping?
  • How do you preserve your curls at night?

Also please include a description of your hair, and a fotki/photobucket or youtube link if applicable!

Later Gators!


  • TJAnaturalle says:

    I just very much love this routine. I am about to do the big chop next weekend. And I have searched tirelessly for ideas of what my AM & PM routine should consist of and I must say I never found a comprehensive step by step illustration so detaied and manageable as yours. Thank you God bless u real good. I have actually given up search but I'm so happy I read this before throwing in the towel. My last relaxer was May 30, 2012 so l'm pretty sure mine would be a big shave and not BC. I dont have the patience of transitioning as I don't like handling two textures. Thanks fore this doable routine.

  • ChicaRizada94 says:

    Here's my regimen:

    Night before, DC with EVOO & LeKair Cholesterol Plus Conditioning Cream, cover with plastic bag & satin cap. In the morning, rinse thoroughly & shampoo (current "poo": Bioluxe Hydrating Shampoo). Condition with light conditioner (usually VO5). Add several handfuls of a thick, leave-in conditioner (usually TRESemme). Comb in sections with a Denman. Define with my fingers. Let air dry. At night, I cover my hands with EVOO and twist some of my hair. Cover with a satin cap. In the morning, wet, untwist, refresh with a little conditioner. It stays like this for a week or more.

  • Anonymous says:

    Its pretty easy to look after the twa. My routine is;

    How do you keep it moisturized?
    Every morning & night I use a light spritz on it (water, aloe vera juice, coconut, castor + olive oil) I deep condition each week and I always use cantu shea butter leave-in

    What products and techniques do you use to style?
    Just my 'tangle free' comb. I pre-oil my hair the night before washing, then i shampoo my hair, deep condition, use a leave in and eco styler gel. Then I twist my hair and leave it to air dry

    How often do you style?
    I do twist outs a lot using eco styler gel, but I wear my wig to college so I don't really need to style my hair

    How do you get your waves or curls popping?
    Eco styler gel!

    How do you preserve your curls at night?
    A satin bonet, I don't really do much really :')

  • Caribbean Curly says:

    My fave products are Sta So Fro Spray and Elasta Care Feels Like Silk. It's a style control gel but not like a flaky tight holding gel. I apply to damp detangled hair and work it through with my hands. (My hair is only about 2 inchs long). It will leave a white residue which goes away as it dries. At night I protect my hair with a satin scarf and the next day I refresh with Sta so fro spray and reapply a small amount of Elasta care. It really defines my 4a curls. I also love these products because I can rinse them right out with plain water as there are no heavy oils or waxes in them 🙂

  • Emmemme says:

    How do you keep it moisturized? Curl Enhancing Smoothie and EVOO

    What products and techniques do you use to style? I always do the wash n go and I just shampoo with sulfate free shampoo, apply conditioner, apply leave-in, apply curl ehnanching smoothie, and then the EVOO

    How often do you style? Is wash n go considered a style? Well if it is I style it every day

    How do you get your waves or curls popping? Ouidad leave-in conditioner

    How do you preserve your curls at night? I just go to sleep and wet/or wash it in the morning.

  • Anonymous says:

    just a question, why are people so focused on getting their curls "popping"?

  • Anonymous says:

    I BC'd two days ago. How often do you use a product before you decide that it's working?

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm new to this blog and my natural do. I have a very short kinky TWA (2 mos) and I love the look. I would love to soften up my hair without getting a perm (if that's possible). I would like to soften my hair as if I have a perm in it …but don't. Reading everyone's daily routine confuses me since I can't really see the person or their hair. Hair texture is everything and one product may work for one and not another. I also would like to add a henna to add some color and color some of the gray. Any suggestions? I need something that is not complicated and possible easy to maintain on a regular basis..When I've added color in the past, it fades quickly when I use spray conditioners and other hair products. Will the henna last longer?
    Help me Rock my TWA!

  • Couponista says:

    LuvMyNatural Hair! 🙂 I tried to transition for about 2 months and it was simply ridiculous trying to manage the two textures and hold on to my straggly ends. So I gave in to the BC and have not looked back. If you are contemplating the BC and getting frustrated transitioning, just do it, I promise you will not regret it. Enjoy getting to know your glorious natural hair and have a bit of length by summer!

    Last Relaxer 9/28/2010
    BC 01/10/2011

    TWA Routine

    Co-wash Daily (pm)
    Rinse Daily (am)
    Leave in Conditioner (am/pm)
    Evo Gel (am)

    PM Routine

    1. Co-Wash – I don't sleep with product in my hair so I co-wash at night before bed.

    Side Note – Over the past few months I have become the quintessential PRODUCT JUNKIE. I just co-wash with whatever conditioner I have in the shower – (primarily natural products) Organix, Burt's Bees Super Shiny Grapefruit & Sugar Beet or Hello Hydration to name a few.

    2. Leave-in Conditioner – Kinky Curly Knot Today mixed with 100% Aloe Vera Juice, Jojoba Oil and Castor Oil (see kimmaytube for recipe).

    3. Seal – Extra Virgin Olive Oil (dime size)

    4. Protect – I sleep in a plastic cap and satin scarf. No, the plastic doesn't bother me at all and is relatively undetectable under my scarf.

    AM Routine

    1. Rinse – When I wake up in the morning, my hair is super moisturized from the leave in and plastic cap, I could pick my hair out and rock a fro or add gel to pop the curls. But I love the feeling of water over my head and entire body in the morning and since I can't seem to wake up without a shower, I shower in the morning and rinse my hair. Since I co-wash at night, I don't co-wash in the morning.

    2. Leave-in Conditioner – After my am rinse, I apply my leave in conditioner concoction and work through with my hands.

    3. Seal – EVOL (dime size)

    4. Gel – Work in EVO Gel with my fingers.

    My AM Routine literally takes 3 minutes 🙂

    My hair dries while I finish getting dressed apply my make up and have my morning coffee. By the time I get to work, my hair is completely dry.

    As my hair grows, I may not be able to continue the morning rinse. But, I'll figure that out when I get there. I imagine that I'll continue this routine for the next 4 months or so.

    p.s. I shampoo with a natural sulfate free shampoo and deep condition with Olive Oil Replenishing Pak once a week on Sunday night.

  • kitka82 says:

    Well since you asked…

    You could say my hair is 4a/b. Last relaxer was April 2010, BC'd in September. And the rest is history…

    •How do you keep it moisturized?
    Co-wash at least twice a week, apply leave-in condish, seal with coconut and jojoba oils. Spritz with water/aloe gel/jojoba oil each day. Massage with oils or shea butter at night. Deep treatment once a week, shampoo once a week.

    •What products and techniques do you use to style?
    Right now I'm rocking twist-outs. Spritz with water/aloe gel/jojoba oil mix, then add leave-in condish and seal ends with oil.

    Fave products: Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Condish, Giovanni Direct Leave-in, Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque, Kinky Curly Knot Today and Curling Custard, EcoStyler gel

    •How often do you style?
    I do a twist-out once a week, and do a couple of wash and go's until wash day.

    •How do you get your waves or curls popping?
    1) Nice thick leave-in condish
    2) Twistouts
    3) Kinky Curly gel or EcoStyler (right before wash day)

    •How do you preserve your curls at night?
    I sleep with a bonnet or scarf. Twisting at night keeps my curls best. Otherwise they get smushed. If I want fluffy hair in the AM, I let it be and spritz in the morning to refresh my hair.


  • Anonymous says:

    I BC'd September 10th, 4 months after my last perm. I have been looking for info for my TWA. Stil experimenting with everything but here goes:

    4a/4b all day

    •How do you keep it moisturized?

    EVERYDAY! My hair sucks up moisture so I have to keep it juiced up.

    •What products and techniques do you use to style?

    Not so much a wash and go. More like a rinse and go! I rinse with water every morning and some nights, I sleep w/conditioner and wrap my hair in a plastic bag for a DC. I love the softness that EVCO provides. For moisture after rinse my hair, I add Aloe Vera Juice, then CoCo Oil, then my handy dandy Castor Oil and finally KKKT for my leave-in. Still testing the waters, but so far so good! One day I went without the Castor Oil, and my hair was done-zo: no moisture. Can't leave out the Castor Oil ESPECIALLY for these winter months.

    •How often do you style? Just add some funky headbands and barretts periodically. 2" is not long enough for styling and if I did, it would take forever. Enjoying my TWA thus far. (Previous stint going natural for about 16 months left me doing twists for 2 hrs at a time. Yes I have some thick stuff here)

    •How do you get your waves or curls popping?
    I have not mastered this yet. I bout the Eco Styler Gel, but I dont like how it makes my hair hard. More moisture??? Maybe I'll try some Shea Butter first???

    •How do you preserve your curls at night?
    Like the rest of my ladies, just put on the satin scarf and let the fro do it's thing. In the morning spritz or rinse and I'm good to go!

  • Anonymous says:

    i just Bc on september 2.. and i am a product junkie..i cant wait until it grows some.. i tranistioned for 2months and i was in a hurry to go natural.. 🙂 so its going on 3wks since bc and i cowash every other day. i use aussie moist suave herbal essence.. honestly the list goes on..i dont have a set regimen so it depends on my mood what i'll use next. i love my natural hair even though its short:( but i do see a difference from when i bc its alot fuller and if i pull on my curl its longer. and im able to wear a headband thats a PLUS. my hair gets dry really i use moisture everytime it gets dry.. IM IN LOVE WITH MY HAIR!!!!

  • DewdropD says:

    I just BC'd Sept 13th. I only transitioned for 3 weeks. I have 4b hair that is very dry. I live in the Caribbean where it is always hot and sometimes really windy. What can I just to keep my hair moisture locked in?

  • Anonymous says:

    I just BC'd lastnight after 3 months of transitioning. Thanks all for such great tips!!
    Erica from NC

  • Unknown says:

    Hi everyone!! I just did my Big chop on Tuesday, and would like to find out whats a good product for moisturizing rather than wetting my curly hair every single day…I have really curly/wavy hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey guys, I committed to the BC on May 19th and have been experimenting with my natural hair ever since. But I believe that I finally have my routine down pack b/c my morning routine is more time-efficient. 🙂 Here's what I do:

    1) Cowash with a homemade mixture of: teaspoon of EVCO, an ounce or 2 of Suave Coconut condish, and 1-2 teaspoons of aloe vera based curl activator gel.

    2) After my final cowash, I stand under the shower stream and shake my head from side-to-side and front -to-back. (this gives great curl def.)

    3) I step out the shower and towel dry my body but not my hair.

    4) I apply a small amount of my homemade concoction as a leave-in, seal with a lil bit of EVCO.

    5) I apply a dollup size amount of curl activator to my hair and waaaalaaa– my well-defined curly TWA is complete.

    Bonus- I usually add a lil bit of Eco styler gel to my edges to give the style a more feminine touch. 😉

  • Kanisha says:

    •How do you keep it moisturized?
    After washing/conditioning, I apply Cantu Shea Butter to my wet hair and seal it with Proclaim Natural 7 Olive Oil. That works for me!
    •What products and techniques do you use to style?
    Mkay, I'm a twistout girl, that's like all I do. Like I said, I'll put on my Cantu Shea Butter, seal it with oil, put EcoStyler Gel all over my head, and begin twisting! The Cantu & Oil moisturizes/seals and the gel defines my curls!
    •How often do you style?
    I typically do my twistouts everyday (mostly) or every other day (rarely!)
    •How do you get your waves or curls popping?
    ECOSTYLER GEL! I love this stuff!
    •How do you preserve your curls at night?
    I don't- I'm not a second day hair kinda girl.I just do my twistout all over again! 😉

    You can find me on youtube!

  • Anonymous says:

    EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Anonymous says:

    What is EVOO?

  • LBell says:

    I BC'd for the 5th time in my natural life last March after almost 3 years of growth. I did it because I experienced severe breakage in one spot on my head and in general I was spending WAY more time on my hair than I wanted to. I used to wonder why women over a certain age tended to keep their hair short…now I know why. And I don't even HAVE kids…lol

    * How do you keep it moisturized?
    My hair sees some form of water and oil every single day. I still experience some dryness by bedtime but that's okay because I'll just wet it again in the morning.

    * What products and techniques do you use to style?
    There's no technique aside from fingercombing, using a pick to lift the roots, and every once in a while using a real comb with conditioner. As for styling products, right now I can either go for softness or curl definition; see below.

    * How often do you style?
    Technically, every day.

    * How do you get your waves or curls popping?
    I've learned that conditioners that are more acidic on the pH scale will cause my coils to pop. I'm guessing HE Hello Hydration is one of those because it works far better than any other commercial conditioner I've tried these past two months. For preserving the "poppage" I'm finding that some cone-based products work (most notably GF Sleek and Shine leave-in) but they still tend to dry my hair out faster. The gels I've tried (Eco Styler clear, aloe vera), same thing. The only thing I've tried to date that actually gives me both "poppage" and softness is KCCC…but I still haven't figured out an efficient and effective way to apply it.

    * How do you preserve your curls at night?
    I don't. I sleep on a satin pillowcase and rewet in the morning.

  • Nesha says:

    Ok, I recently did my BC about three months ago and I just got the hang of a routine that I like. Sooo here's my TWA Routine>>>

    How do you keep it moisturized?
    I use Palmer's Olive Oil Formula with Vitamin E Moisturizing Hair Milk. I also co-wash about everyday or every other day depending. This moisturizer was pretty cheap and I love it. It moisturizes my hair without leaving it greasy.

    What products and techniques do you use to style?
    I usually keep it pretty simple. I co-wash with Motions Marula Natural Therapy Strengthening Conditioner, then I use the moisturizer. Then I use Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Styling Gel if I really want my curls to pop. Then I use Prostyle gel for my edges, so I can get the baby hair look I want.

    How often do you style?
    These days since its the summer I probably style my hair every other day. My quick styles last about two days.

    How do you get your waves or curls popping?
    With just a little leave-in conditioner, moisturizer and gel. I brush or comb my hair out a little while its still wet and thats it.

    How do you preserve your curls at night?
    My hair isn't long enough to do too much to it so I just use a satin cap.

  • Kearea' says:

    ive been natural about 7 mo now:
    i cowash about 3x a wk with organix shea butter conditioner/organix passionfruit guava conditioner/ or sheamoisture shea butter restorative conditioner. i use the same sheamoisture conditioner as a leave-in and use vitamin e oil to moisturize my scalp. to preserve my curls at night i apply cantu shea butter hair & scalp oil or the sheamoisture conditioner and sleep with a plastic cond cap with a satin bonnet over it. in the am, i fluff or wet my hair to make my curls presentable. i just ordered the jessicurl weekly dc treatment and aubrey organics cond so i am excited to see how my hair responds to them!!

    dont forget your fashionable headband and hair clips!

  • Jules says:

    Jamaican Black Castor Oil is the best. Not sure where you live..but if in NY, NJ, CT, DC or MD – try a Caribbean grocery store in your neighborhood. If not,

  • B. says:

    Hey Urban Lily, Thanks for the tip! Picked up my oils today! <3

  • Eleven35 Bath & Beauty says:

    B. try your local health food store and if you have a Whole Foods in your area, they have a great selection on oils. As far as black castor oil…I do not know.

  • B. says:

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this an currently transitioning so excuse my awkwardness. But I'd like to know where do you all get your oils like coconut, sweet almond, and black castor from? Thanks so much!

  • Kels says:

    * How do you keep it moisturized? – I keep a spray bottle mix of either water/Giovanni Direct or just plain water. I even keep plain water at work!

    * What products and techniques do you use to style? – Fingercombing and the Jilbere shower comb are the main tools I use. I also use my son's old baby brush to smooth edges gently.

    * How often do you style? – I do my big cowash on Saturdays so I can lounge all day with my DC (Trader Joe's Nourish condish & castor oil). Since I work out 5 times a week, I do in-between cowashes. I try whatever condish I can with those in-between but my current faves are Aussie Moist and Bliss Mandarin (found that at a hotel!)

    * How do you get your waves or curls popping? –
    SOme of my fave curl poppers include Cantu, Long Aid & Kinky Curly Curling Custard.

    * How do you preserve your curls at night? – I don't worry about curl preservation at night, since it'll get smashed when I lie down anyway! LOL! But the nighttime is the perfect time to do a soothing scalp massage with coconut or jojoba oil, wrap it in a satin scarf/bonnet, lay on that satin pillowcase and zzzzzz…..

  • Nika says:

    I cowash about 3-4 times a week with Aussie Moist or tigi bedhead moisture maniac, then I followup with a leave in conditioner, sometimes I apply sebastian wet liquid gel or eco styler to define my curls. On the days I don't cowash I refresh with a bit of water and then moiturize with KBB hair milk and seal with coconut oil.

    I wah and deep condition 2x per month.

  • Jul says:

    my fotki –

  • Jul says:

    I big chop'd in Nov 2009.. I went to Anthony Dickey (Hair Rules) for my cut. I started with his products Hair Rules Daily Cleanser and Curly Whip. After 2 wks, I started to research and try different products & became a product junkie

    My wash & go regimine now includes:
    *Shampoo weekly with Jane Carter Moisture Shampoo
    *Co-wash daily with Organix Coconut Milk or Cocoa Butter conditioners

    I have a different regimine depending on mood. KBB (Karens Body Beautiful) products ROCK. I like Kinky Curly when I need a molded curl. But I feel more moisturized with KBB

    When using KBB:
    *Cowash with Organix Coconut Milk conditioner
    *Last wash – I apply KBB Deep Conditioner
    *While hair is drenched, I apply KBB Hair Milk
    *Then once product is fully abosrbed, I apply IC Fantasia Aloe Vera Gel

    When using Kinky Curly:
    *Cowash with Organix Coconut Milk conditioner
    *While hair is drenched, I apply Kinky Curly Knot Today
    *Once product is fully absorbed, I apply Kinky Curly Custard

    *Moisturizing scalp with Coconut Oil, Jamaican Castor Oil or Shea Butter once a wk or when necessary
    *Weekly baggie treatment with Cantu Leave In Treatment

    I notice my hair is best when I don't touch it. I don't comb it for days sometimes.. Last week I experimented & only cowashed twice..just re-wet. Still figuring it out.

    My pics (4A/4B):

  • Eleven35 Bath & Beauty says:

    I transition all of last year and cut off the remaining of my hair this year, so I have about 7-8 inches to work with. With much experiment I think I got it!

    I wash my hair once a month with Trader Joe's tingling shampoo (this is the best shampoo I've every used and it is about $4 a bottle) and I condis with HH. Once my quurlies has air dried a bit I put my shea butter mix (shea butter with olive + coconut oils) on my semi-damped hair and french braid.

    I do not french braid straight back…I break up the straight back with 3 rolls of 4-5 braids (if this makes sense) and I twist the ends of the braid and secure with a bobby pin. I found that this gives me the best curly look. I re-braid every 2-3 days before I re-wash and start the routine all over again.

  • Sheree says:


    Tied the Cantu Shea butter, i got too much residue from it so i gave it away. As far as the length, i would try to do more twist outs to preserve the length. Wash and Go's tend to get too manipulating to the hair depending on what you use. Try vitamins and add lots of greens and protein to your diet. im on 5 months from ZERO transitioning and im able to do my 1st twist out 2 weeks ago. Hope that helps!!

    My regimen
    How do you keep it moisturized? raw shea butter, moroccan oil, Phyto Specific styling balm. depends on my hair

    What products and techniques do you use to style? —->since im 5 months natural i do wash and goes. depends on my hair that day but i use raw shea butter w/ ecco style olive oil gel
    or Miss jessies curly pudding

    How often do you style?—-> every other day, sometimes everyday if my hair is frizzy

    How do you get your waves or curls popping? —->ecco style gel and raw shea butter which is applied to dripping wet hair. i run my fingers thru my hair in a finger clamping motion to saturate the hair. then i spray with Kera Care humidity Blocker hair oil

    How do you preserve your curls at night? —-> l sometimes eave a conditioner in the night before or hot oil, not too much but enough to soften it up. i sleep with a satin bonnet on a satin pillow just in case it falls off.

    Check out my blog for pics

  • NaturallyKnottynNice says:

    I transitioned for about 3 months and just couldn't deal with it, too much maintenance for me, this was something I was trying to avoid in the first place. I decided to BC on Apil 1, 2010 and I am absolutely in love with my TWA. I have no intention on growing it out as it is so damn sexy and I love the fact that it is low maintenance. I have had long hair practically most of my life, so this is a big change for me. I am very ingredient conscious as a result of my experience in creating my own natural products for over the past 2 years. I wash my hair every 2 days and deep condition once a week. I love KBB shampoo and condish (luscious pear) as well as Giovanni's organic smooth as silk poo and condish. I use my own shea butter that has a combination of olive, jojoba and apricot kernal oils. For days that I don't wash my hair, I like to wake up my tiny curls with a combo of distilled water, virgin coconut oil, and jojoba oil mix in a spray bottle. Hot oil treatment will be added to my routine from time to time. I have a semi-color in my hair, Garnier Nutrisse (Herbashine) which is gorgeous, a cross between a honey blonde and a red head. Janelle Beauty's cocount serum mix is a great combination for dose of sheen and shine as well as a natural dry condish………………….I don't like doing the tango with scarves or wraps on my head, I just sleep on a silk pillow case at night. No fotki album, but I am working on a hair blog page.

  • Soulfulsista says:

    I have been natural for a little over two weeks, but I was natural for over 3 years before my last bout with the relaxer. My hair is a mixture of 3c, 4a, and a small patch of 4b.


    •How do you keep it moisturized?
    I keep my TWA moisturized by cowashing daily and always using a leave-in. Sometimes it's a conditioner I use as a leave in and sometimes it's an actual leave-in conditioner.

    •What products and techniques do you use to style?
    I use Fantasia IC gel if I'm looking to get good curl definition. If I want a curly fro look, then I use Kinky-Curly's Knot Today as a leave-in and nothing else. That's the extent of my styling because I only have about 1.5 inches in length.

    •How often do you style?
    My stlying consists of defining my curls so I style it pretty much every day.

    •How do you get your waves or curls popping?
    I get my curls popping with Aussie Moist conditioner applied as a leave in and Fantasia IC. After I apply the conditioner, I comb my hair to define my curls. I then distribute a small amount of the Fantasia IC throughout my hair to get the curls really popping. I then twist those stubborn curls around my finger to get them to pop back.

    •How do you preserve your curls at night?
    I sleep with a satin bonnet at night.

  • raslade808 says:

    i have been natural for about 5 months and this is my regimen..

    * How do you keep it moisturized? I tend to use KBB hair nectar. I wash my hair with either herbal essences hello hydration conditioner, miss jessi'es super slip sudsy shampoo (just recently tried it) and KBB conditioning shampoo. I like miss jessie's baby buttercreme and I also like KBB hair butter.
    * What products and techniques do you use to style? i use miss jessi'es baby buttercreme or kbb hair butter for 2 strand twists. My hair hates gels
    * How often do you style? every week i keep my hair in twists for around 3-4 days and then rock a twist out for a day.
    * How do you get your waves or curls popping? kbb hair nectar, best thing i ever used. all of karen's products and miss jessie's works very well
    * How do you preserve your curls at night? i sleep with a satin bonnett

  • Anonymous says:


    I am 9 months natural too and feeling the same way! I've even considered relaxing again–just briefly. How do you like the Cantu Shea Butter? Does it make your hair feel "product-y"? I'm trying to control my junkyism cuz I've had some misses (I don't like Qhemet's Amla& Olive Oil Heavy cream despite the rave reviews on lots of forums).

  • Alex says:

    I have been natural and with a TWA since August 2009 (9 months) and I keep it pretty simple with my routine.

    I cowash almost everyday with HEHH conditioner and I either style with KCCC or with my Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioner… And that's about it. When I do put forth effort, I two strand twist my hair with the Sulfur 8 Loc, Twist, and Braid Butter and then wear a twist out…

    I need some tips on how to make my hair grow faster because I really feel like it is not growing as much as it should…

  • Anonymous says:

    i transitioned for about 7 mths and recently cut it off in march so im still experimenting but…

    i either co-wash with carols daughter black vanilla/khoret amen hair smoothie OR LeKair cholestrol (whichever is better for your pockets)..but if my hair has alot of dirt i wash with CD black vanilla/khoret amen shampoo

    i then mix whichever conditioner from the above list with organic honey extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil (if do not have coconut oil you can slightly heat the olive oil in a saucepan and add rosemary..then drain the rosemary)..depending on time i let sit over night

    after conditioning i spray on aloe vera juice add kinky curly custard and let air dry…i sleep with a silk hair bonnet which causes your hair to mush just add a little water and moisturize with a bit of oil of your desire and very small amount of shea butter!!

  • Anonymous says:

    * How do you keep it moisturized? – I make sure I use a very moisturizing leave-in, then seal with an oil before I apply my styling products. Also, I do nightly scalp massages with either an oil or pomade, which keeps my TWA moisturized overnight. I do daily cowashes and deep condition at least twice a week! Honey and EVOO is my favorite DC.
    * What products and techniques do you use to style? – Since I live in a dry climate, I do my best to steer clear of products with glycerin, but my hair loves honey and aloe vera. To apply products, I rake them in with my fingers, then shake it out.
    * How often do you style? – Daily, I love cowashing!
    * How do you get your waves or curls popping? – Aloe Vera Gel or a light gel or styling pudding as my finishing touch (Komaza Califia Styling Pudding, AfroVeda PUR Whipped Gelly)
    * How do you preserve your curls at night? – I don't usually. I do scalp massages, and that always messes them up as I'm playing in my hair. I'm saving second/third day hair for when it's longer!


  • Anonymous says:

    I'm 2 months natural woohoo! I rock the wash n gos right now… I am waiting for the day that I can do a twist out.

    As for my routine, I wet my hair every day… I would say most days I co-wash it as well but some days, I just wet it.

    I then apply some leave in conditioner or my homemade spritz bottle.

    This is where things change from day to day:
    *sometimes I apply KCCC
    *sometimes eco-styler
    *and on days when I want a break from the gel, just some condition (or curls milkshake) and oil to seal. I don't get the same kind of length when I do this, but it does leave my hair soft!

    And of course, with a twa… you've got to rock the headbands and hair accessories to spice it up!

  • Melodie Turner says:

    You can find my blog on…..Natural Hair Virgin

  • Anonymous says:

    heeeey, y'all. love this post! i almost never shampoo my hair…maybe once every month or two? i use aussie moist every morning and rinse it out completely. sometimes, before putting on the aussie moist i layer in a little mango lustrasilk or silk elements mayo underneath. anyway =), after rinsing out the aussie, i put in (in this order) three pinches of coconut oil, quarter-size of olive oil, and three pinches of shea butter.

    this is weird, but i rub the remaining shea butter all over my face, before washing my face with black soap and then moisturizing with l'oreal moisture treatment. don't ask me why. =)

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been natural for 6 months and this is what is working for me right now:
    I wash with DevaCurl Lo-Poo (Or No-poo depending on if my hair feels "producty" or not), I rinse well and apply DevaCurl One Condition (The bestest conditioner I have tried). I leave the conditioner in for about 20 minutes, then rinse it well. I then scrunch my hair with a t-shirt until slightly damp and take a nickle-size drop of One Condition and work it through my hair. I then apply about a quarter size of DevaCurl B'leavin (or Set it Free). I then mix about 1-2 pumps of DevaCurl Mirrorcurls together with about 2 tablespoon or so of DevaCurl Angell (or ArcAngell for more hold)and apply (my hair is very wet at this point). I then run my fingers through my hair to stretch my curls a little to help them form and let my hair air dry for several hours. When my hair is completely dry, I may take a little olive oil and scrunch the ends a little.

    The Deva Curl products are very pricey, but DevaCurl is one of two products that give me great curl definition (Kinky curly curling custard is the other). When my hair dries, I have very defined, springy 4a/4b curls that lasts for a few days. To refresh the curl, I will mist with either Devacurl MisterRight (I love the lavender smell!) or Set It Free mixed with a little water.

  • Unknown says:

    my staple is Herbal Essences It's a Curl Thing Conditioner, it's my best friend, lol. use it to co-wash, and as a live in. It REALLY makes my curls pop, and keep throughout the day. Lately I've started using grapeseed oil to give me a bit of shine and it works nicely.
    As far as moisture goes, i spritz at the beninning and during the day if i need it with a mixture of the same coondish and water. some people add an oil to thism mixture, mayb olive oil or something, but i havent tried that so i cant say.
    Styling…..comb in the shower, shake ot get most of the water out, add some condish (not too much or u'll get crunchy half way thru the day, lol)add some oil, work thru with fingers, fluff a bit and i'm out the door. (havent graduated to gels yet so i have no info in that department, lol)
    see my hair pics here:
    or just click my name up top n it should take u to my blog
    hope i helped, at least a little bit, xx

  • Melodie Turner says:

    Well I have been experimenting since it has only been 4 months since my big chop but this is what I am doing now:

    I wash with Kinky Curly Come Clean then I wash with Giovanni mosturizing shampoo. Then I put in Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner. I comb my hair with a big tooth comb and brush with my DENNAM (spelling) brush. Then I add my Kinky Curly Custard. Now my hair is wet and white so I don't go anywhere for a few hours or I sit under the dryer but I prefer to air dry. After my hair is dry I go in the kitchen and add some of my extra virgin olive oil to my hair. I sleep with a satin bonnet on my head so my hair is mushed the next da so I wet it alittle and take my finger tips and kind of move my hair back in place. Don't wet it a lot just a little. You should be fine. Again I am still experimenting so I can't wait to see the other responses.

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