Meet Mary… a beautiful long term transitioner looking to make it another year before mini chopping.

Hello! My name is Mary. I just hit my one year transitioning mark on June 21, and wanted to celebrate by sharing my story on my favorite hair blog!

CN: Are you a long term or short term transitioner, and why?
Long! I have the weirdest shaped head and I honestly believe God blessed me with long hair all my life to cover it up. Also I don’t remember having my hair any shorter then bra strap length (before I started to transition) and feel more comfortable keeping it that way. Oh and my mom banned me from scissors so I couldn’t chop if I wanted to!

CN: When are you going BC?

I plan on doing my BC on Dec 20 2011, which is also my 22nd birthday. That will be exactly 2 years and 6 months of transitioning.

CN: How did family and friends react to your decision to go natural?
Well, my family and friends thought I was joking because I was getting perms once or twice a month (horrible I know) and I straightened my hair once or twice a week (I honestly don’t know how I had any hair left on my head at all now that I think about it). After a few months of perm refusal they started to take me seriously and they all support my curls, as long as I don’t chop too soon! They all voiced their opinions against short hair on me. grrr…

CN: What is your transition routine?
You would think after a year I would have one, but I’m still all over the place with my routine. I usually co-wash and detangle on the weekend with Suave Almond and Shea butter conditioner. While I’m in the shower I put it into a bun. I wear the bun all week and it’s very helpful during school because I really would rather sleep for those extra minutes than do my hair. Then on the weekend, I do twist/braids with flexi rods just using Cantu shea butter and water. I wash with Suave shampoo whenever I feel dirty and deep condition with Organic Root Stimulator’s Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner every other week (when I’m not being lazy). I’m pretty sure I need some more products but I haven’t found any good ones for my hair yet. Any ideas?

CN: What is your staple hair style during the transition?
Buns! All day every day. Twist and curl on the weekends.

CN: How do you moisturize your hair to prevent breakage at the new growth line?
Luckily I don’t have hair that just dries out, so I don’t use much. Every night I spray more water and add some Shea butter. That’s it! To combat breakage, I mainly just utilize low manipulation styles and handle my hair gently while combing and styling. I only comb in the shower with tons of conditioner.

CN: Why did you choose to go natural?
I’ve always admired natural hair. The curls and the kinks are just so beautiful to me. At the time I didn’t have anyone close to me that was natural so I just went along with everyone else and kept it straight. Despite what others told me, I always thought my hair was too thin and kinda boring. I really wanted my hair to be bold, big, and bouncy and just embrace the texture I have been blessed with! Natural was the only way to go.

Extra info!

I have a fotki–

I’m into photography so there are 100s of pictures to share on there and I’m always looking for other long term transitioners or even just anyone with ideas, reviews on products or cute styles. So if you have a fotki , please come check it out and share yours as well. Thank you!