Koos writes:

Last year I had done a “Hide Your Hair” challenge with LHCF, and I did this “double buns” style. It was featured on Curly Nikki, and she asked me to do a tutorial vid. Of course I had to oblige =)

You can see a picture of the original buns here: http://thefeistyhouse.blogspot.com/20…

Thanks for watching!

CurlyNikki Writes: Koos’ double buns are ridiculously chic! For the past few weeks I’ve been twisting out with the sole purpose of bunning. That way, if I happen to go into labor my hair is already presentable. Mostly I’ve been wearing high messy buns, low side buns, and mid height puffs. After trying Koos’ double side buns the other day, I’m completely hooked! It makes my single side bun look shameful 😉 Adding a bun has dolled up my look and gives the illusion of fuller hair.

I follow the instructions from her blog– – parting my hair (with my finger) from ear to ear and securing each half into a bun with Goody Ouchless Bands (pulling the hair through twice and only halfway through the third time). I’ve only done messy buns, but look forward to trying neater ones– forming them better and securing with bobby pins.

At night, I take the buns down and secure my hair in a high loose bun or pony with a satin scrunchy. I apply shea butter to my edges and crown, and then apply a dime sized amount of Aloe Vera Gel to my edges. I put on satin scarf, and it’s off to bed! In the morning, I take the high bun down, and re-style in the low double buns.

Here are my results:

Thanks Koos!