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Thoughts on Transitioning to Natural Hair- 2

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Thoughts on Transitioning to Natural Hair- 2

The Nappy Race– The Real Beginning (Ch 2)

by Tania of Your Natural Wonder

It’s your official first month on the ‘transition’ leg of the race. Your run thus far is strong. You feel confident and secure with your decision. You pat yourself on the back because you have been solid in your decision to bear through this process. But little did you know the first 30 days are only a small piece to the prize. The real journey begins here….

As you count the weeks and months you have put behind you, the cushion of puffiness that surrounds your scalp is scary. No one told you that your ‘natural’ hair would grow in like this. Coily, kinky, nappy…. all of the above apply. The breakage and shedding has increased dramatically, which is the reason why you decided to go natural. As you continue to visit your hair stylist, she tries to ‘oh so nicely’, encourage you to PLEASE come back to the ‘relaxed’ side. This ‘natural phase’ you seem to be going through is out of her realm and she is pulling straws to try to figure out what to do with your hair in this state.

As the half a year mark swings through, those transitional styles such as braids, straw sets, and pressing begin to bore you. Maybe it’s time to be fully natural, no more breakage due to the two different textures, and you get the vision of a healthy ‘fro… and it’s you rocking it! It’s in that moment that you realize IT’S TIME. You are now ready for the Big Chop.

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