Hola Chicas,

I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with many curly celebs. And I, like you, find it interesting to learn about their routines, experiences, and struggles with being natural in the industry. Celebrities have a HUGE influence on so many people, but what about the real life, everyday natural hair rock stars? The principal at your daughter’s school, your Congresswoman, the CEO at your company, the valedictorian of your class, your family doctor… maybe even YOU! These people are in our communities, in our lives… in positions of leadership, and excellent role models for our children. Their stories, I’m sure, are inspiring and will help to motivate us all!

I’m looking to interview those that are ‘successful while natural’…curlies at the top of their game!

Got nominations?!

Send them to [email protected] using ‘SuperNatural Saturday’ as the subject line. Please include the nominee’s name and a reliable email address. Thanks!