SO FINE: The Fine Hair Rule of Thumb
by Cassidy of Natural Selection

When I first went natural I went around the Internet soaking up every bit of natural advice that I could get my hands on. In particular there was one forum discussion about length retention in which a woman was discussing her two cousins who were sisters: one with coarse and the other with fine hair. The coarse-haired sister had no problem growing her hair while using a regimen of frequent protective styling, while the fine-haired sister had to treat her hair like a delicate piece of antique lace in order to grow and retain her length.

I’m not saying that coarse-haired naturals manhandle their hair like it’s a lasso in a rodeo, but I have found that being as gentle as possible with my fine strands has been key in growing and retaining my length on my natural journey.

January 2010

December 2010

Coarser hair can definitely withstand more manipulation with less risk of breakage than fine hair, simply because the strand is more substantial. It’s like the difference between wearing sheer panty hose and, say and opaque footed tights. The sheer panty hose you can put a run in with a simple snag of a hangnail while the tights you can handle a bit more because they are built more durably. (Yes, the tights will run too, but it will take more work)

Here are three things you can make sure you’re doing daily to make sure you’re taking care of your lace/sheer panty hose-like fine hair.

  • Always wear protection: Protect your delicate strands while you sleep from tugging on a cotton pillow case with a satin cap or a satin pillow case. Make sure you do this every night. Not just the nights that you remember, but every night. I promise this will be worth your while in the long run!
  • Keep your hands out of your head: That mindless pulling and twirling of your hair that you’re doing while you read hair blogs or working at your computer can really do a number to fragile strands. Leave them be or risk lots of snaps, crackles, and pops.
  • Hydrate x 2: First off, hydrate your body from the inside out. Secondly, hydrate your strands with a good water and/or aloe based moisturizer. Dry hair is especially more brittle and thus susceptible to breakage. Imagine what sort of havoc dryness could risk on fine strands!!

*Now that we have the lace rule of thumb underneath our belts, next up in the series we’ve got POROSITY and FINE HAIR.*