CN: Where you a long term or short term transitioner? Why?

I was a long term transitioner. I am mixed with Black and Mexican but I was raised by the Black side of my family. No one knew what to do with my hair because it’s very thick and some of it curls and some doesn’t. They permed my hair constantly which in turn, of course, damaged my hair. I wanted to try and wear my natural hair but it was very badly damaged so I decided to chop it off.

CN: When did you BC? What was your initial reaction to your natural hair?

I did my BC very recently, on July 30th 2011. My first thought was, OMG what did I just do. My hair was very long but it was dead and when I tried to wear it down natural, only the front and sides would curl. I thought having the short hair made me look masculine, but I’m getting past this.

CN: How did your family and friends react? What was your response?

My family was furious and so were my friends. They didn’t understand what my problem was with my hair. All of them excluding a few, made negative comments about my new look and suggested that I perm my short hair so it would lay down, but I refused. I told them that it was my choice and I’m confident that my natural hair, in time, will look just as good as my straight hair had. I just needed a fresh start so that it could grow healthy.

CN: What is your current routine?

My hair is very dry and tends to only curl after I wet it. I decided to try out the Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner after I wash my hair instead of mousse or gel. So far I like the product and how soft it makes my hair feel. I also put an oil moisturizing lotion in my hair at night before I go to sleep and wrap my hair with a satin scarf. I only wash once a week to retain my natural oils.

CN: Why did you choose to go natural?

I decided to go natural because I wanted to embrace my natural hair. I wanted to stop covering it up and feel confident and beautiful when I wore it curly. I also felt like all the products and chemicals I was putting in my hair had caused so much damage and I wasn’t able to maximize growth. Your blog has given me so much support and made this transition that much easier.