Every parent wants the absolute best for their children! As a woman with a daughter, you yearn to be someone she can look up to, someone to be proud of… someone she can shadow. Well being a single parent, I worked hard to be that right shadow. A shadow that leaves just enough room for independence. When I decided to go natural roughly two years ago, she was very supportive but that was MY thing, not hers! I didn’t press the issue, but she would be next to me as I was on the forums or on YouTube watching tutorials. She kept her hair short but would not give up the “creamy crack”! Lol, I would inform but never criticize. So imagine my joy when she posted on FB that she wanted to cut her hair off and go natural!

I will admit, I didn’t get overly excited initially, but when she was like “Ma, we can’t go to the festival with my hair like this, I want it cut!” I didn’t look back…we made the appointment and the rest is history.

Now I have to share my products! Lol! Seriously, I think I was the proudest when she dealt with the first doubter:

Them: OMG! Why did you cut your hair off?!
My baby: It’s just hair, it will grow back! I need to focus on school and not worry about when I could get a touch up.
Me: *Silently swells with pride*

So we went and got a makeup lesson at the Bobbi Brown counter. We got some new earrings to go with the new look.

Ladies and gents allow me to introduce my young lady!