Yesterday, Kenneth submitted a Fierce Friday pic after stumbling across the blog via Youtube. He commented, ‘there aren’t a lot of men represented on your site….” Touché. So I asked for his story and he obliged. Enjoy!

For the longest time I was adhering to the tried and true Black man style, that of a shaved head. I was living in Japan so I opted to cut my own hair because Japanese people were largely afraid of messing up my hair and sending me into a ‘Black man rage’. Things were going good for awhile, until one fateful day my hair clippers broke. At this point, I had no other option but to let my hair grow. I wasn’t going to fly back to America to get my hair cut. So slowly my hair started to grow into an afro.

I decided that if I was going to have an afro I would need a pick to maintain it. Of course this being Japan nobody knew what an afro pick was, and when I showed people a picture of one, they offered me a fork… So I just gave up completely and just let my hair get ratty. I just completely stopped caring. Barely bothered washing it, but used conditioner occasionally (3 times a month maybe).

And this ratty mess actually turned into something cool. And then I moved back to America and wouldn’t you know it there was a Black hair renaissance going on! And suddenly my hair went from being viewed as a dirty menace in Japan to something to fawn over.