Nadine writes:

In your recent interview with Kimberly Elise, she mentioned my GirlsLoveYourCurls YouTube channel, which she credited with teaching her the African Threading technique she uses to stretch her hair. As a result, I got a lot of traffic, and messages, many of which were people saying they had never heard of this technique.

One of the goals of my videos is to introduce people to the technique of African Threading, which is a traditional styling technique used in many parts of Africa. It is especially useful for use on children’s hair as an alternative styling option, because it is quick to achieve and lasts for at least a week. My family originates from Ghana West Africa. My mother used it on my hair and taught me how to take care of my hair using this technique.

I have two young daughters and this technique is invaluable to me. I started making tutorials because I got so many requests from friends, wanting to learn how to take care of their daughter’s natural hair. My goal is to help offer mothers/caretakers of young girls as many tools as I can, so as to prevent them resorting to chemical processing, due to lack of options.

Here’s are a couple of tutorials:

African Threaded Bantu Buns

African Threaded Ponytail Plait