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Curly Nikki

There’s More in the Mirror

By January 27th, 20217 Comments

There's More in the Mirror

by Juli of ThreeNaturals

I’m near-sighted. This means that the further out something is from me, the harder it becomes for me to see it. So when I drive, I typically try to make sure I’m wearing my glasses or contacts. One day, I wasn’t, and as I looked in the rearview mirror I had an amazing revelation.

In my mind, a mirror was just a reflection of whatever was in range of it. The tangible things in the room, the cars behind you on the street or highway…And because the mirror is closer to my face than the car behind me, I expected that I should be able to see the reflection of the car in the mirror clearly – more clearly than if I were to turn my head to look at it. After all the mirror is right there. But I couldn’t see the car clearly. Why not? If I stuck a picture of a car to my rearview mirror I’d be able to see it, so why not the reflection of actual car beind me?

Because the mirror was also reflecting the intangible, the unseen…the distance and space between me and the other car.

How many times have you looked in the mirror and only seen the tangible? How many times have you scrutinized everything from your hair, to your eyebrows, your nose, your lips, your hips and ignored the unseen. Your spirit, your soul, your will, your mind…Remember that the mirror is also reflecting those, and embrace your total, beautiful, magnificent self. You are more than just your hair and your shape. You are more than just the tangible form that your body takes. You are your spirit and your spirit is perfect, whole and amazing. Look in the mirror today, see the intangible and please know that you ROCK!


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