by Noni of ThreeNaturals

Does that sound mean? You will never measure up? I think it sounds true.

You will never measure up. You will never have her hair or her style, her self-assurance or her success. Never. You won’t because it’s hers. You will never measure up. But really, you don’t need to you because you will have your hair, your style, your self-confidence and your success. And that’s something to be thankful for and confident in should you choose to see with the right perspective.

*cue storytime music*

There once was a girl who was given the gift of being made unique. There was noone else on the whole planet like her. She was funny, smart, creative, and beautiful. She was also blessed with gorgeous kinky hair that defied gravity. This little lady was a true gem.

One day she met a sweet, friendly girl and was fascinated by her charm and her lovely silky hair that danced in the blowing wind. After their meeting she thought, “Oh my, that girl is funny, smart, creative and beautiful. I wish I could be like her.” That night it was hard for her to sleep as she kept thinking about all the things that she was not and all the things that this other girl was. The next morning she got up and felt pretty rough due to lack of sleep but she kept it moving anyhow and went on about her day. As the day went on, once again, she ran into the same girl with the dancing hair. But she noticed that something had been altered. The hair wasn’t dancing but was trying to float. She asked,”did you do something different?” The other girl replied, “Why yes I did. Yesterday when I meet you I thought to myself, ‘Oh my, that girl is funny, smart, creative and beautiful. I wish I could be like her.’”

Where am I going with this?

We’ve all been given the gift of being made unique. It’s interesting though, the misconceptions that we often have about ourselves and then operate from. Just yesterday in conversation I was asked why I don’t wear wash n go’s. I dove into this whole monologue (along with hair pics on my ipod) about twist outs and curl patterns and ‘what I didn’t have’ and ‘why I couldn’t do’. The response I got surprised me as I was told, ‘but look at your pics, you do have that kinda hair’.
I was like…’I do?’

And I realized that while I’ve been busy watching the other girl’s hair I’ve neglected to see my own. Cause really, what’s ‘that kinda hair’ anyway? It’s beautiful, kinky, curly.

Call a spade a spade. See you for what you truly are.
And sing in unison the words of India Arie “I know my Creator didn’t make no mistakes on me”