by Alona of HairPolitik

When a friend sent me a clip of these self-described Japanese b-girls celebrating all things young, black and Hip Hop, I was truly blown away by just how far Hip-Hop’s reach is. I for one think it’s a positive thing, but wanted to get your opinions. With phrases like, “Black people look so great and stylish,” I can’t help but be flattered. But then there’s the “When we wear it, it looks vulgar but not with Black people” remark that leaves a question mark on my face. They even tan!

I do find it really interesting that Hina became interested in Black culture after her hair took on a “frizzier” texture. Perhaps there’s more that binds us than just Hip Hop music? What’s interesting is that it took me seeing these Japanese b-girls embrace our style to start thinking about who they are outside of the images I see of them marketed on our airwaves. I’m delighted to see the diverse sizes, hairstyles and clothes the Japanese people rock and I want to know more! One thing’s for sure, I’m feeling those braids Hina! Get it!

What do you all think? Is Hip Hop’s influence helping promote positive Black beauty overseas more than it hurts?

Weigh in!