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Be Grateful for What You Have Right Now

By January 27th, 202124 Comments

Be Grateful for What You Have Right Now

by Kim Jackson of PeaceLoveandPrettyThings

The photo above is the view from my balcony. This is what I get to stare at as I sit outside, enjoying the warm air and writing this post. You can’t see them, but just to my left, and at the bottom of that hill are a family of deer, grazing busily—but glancing up at me occasionally to ensure I’m not going to interrupt their meal with any human silliness. This is my happy place; surrounded by nature and shrouded in quiet—save the sound of animal paws scurrying across the forest floor. It’s an easy to place to reflect, and to remember to be grateful.

My son, my only child, my baby—he turned 13 this past weekend. To celebrate, I took him on a surprise trip to NYC to eat, shop and hang out for the day. He had a blast, and his excitement and level of gratitude were priceless. I know the time is coming when he might not want to hang out with me, so I cherish these moments when we’re still buddies and I’m still one of the cool people. I remember when he was just a chubby little munchkin with a head full of curly hair, who loved to curl up and snuggle my neck. And I hope that I relished those moments enough while I had them, because it seems now that they went by before I could blink.

I encourage you to be present in your life—with your children, in your relationships and in your careers, or with whatever is most important to you—because things can and will change in an instant. As much as you muttered “I can’t wait until the kids grow up” or “I’m so ready to take this courtship to the next level” or “I want this promotion”—you’ll miss the sweetness of the moments when your children still needed you, the excitement of when you were newly dating, or the lack of stress that preceded your promotion.

While change is inevitable, if we take a moment to be still, be quiet, and be grateful, it will be much easier to enjoy where we are right now. A great exercise to help us to get to where we are going is reflecting on where we’ve been.

Happy Thursday. I hope you take a moment this weekend to acknowledge all the things you have to be grateful for.


PLPT is co-authored by Kim Jackson and GG Renee with the intention of connecting with women through messages of self-love and personal freedom. We believe that true beauty starts on the inside and radiates outward, so maintaining emotional health and balance should be an essential part of every woman’s beauty regimen. We use this platform as an opportunity to share our personal experiences, and to help other women who are seeking guidance to find their own truths and live fabulously.


  • DecemberPumpkin says:

    wish i could the deer that sounds so peaceful

  • Elaine D. says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  • LaNeshe says:

    This is a wonderful post!

  • Ayisha B says:

    Kim Jackson , your site looks peacful and interesting. Just the right thing for someone who needs a pick me up.

  • KJ says:

    HI Kim Jackson, my name is Kimon Jackson. I have an 18 month old daughter and I think I am so concerned that I am going to miss a moment with her that I am a little bit neurotic. Thank you for helping me seeing that I need to be grateful for "the moment" with not just my child but my relationships.

  • Anonymous says:

    I just got done working a very long day. The saying "you gotta pay the cost to be the boss" is so true. This was just what I needed to hear.

  • Si KinkierThanMost says:

    This is so true and so timely for me!!

  • luvnM3naturally says:

    I hope to embrace and be grateful for 'the moment' where I am right now after the storm has passed. Thank you for this wonderful message. Peace & Blessings.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes be thankful for the here and RIGHT NOW! My only daughter is off at college in her sophmore year. I can't believe where the time went! While I'm sad that my daugher left home to persue her dreams.

    I'm starting to appreciate the fact that now I have mine back! Don't get me wrong I will always be there for my child! But now I can do a bit more of taking care of me!I'm now enjoying my alone moments!:)

  • MrsDjRass says:

    Beautiful post. Thank you.

  • April says:

    I was actually doing that exact thing when I read this article! I'm so happy I read it because it reminded me to enjoy the now since it won't last forever. Thanks for a great article!

  • Anonymous says:

    I am so happy to have come across this post! I have my oldest daughter graduating next month and headed off to Georgia State University (yayy) but while I am so excited for her, I am sadly reflecting on us and where all the years have gone! I have twins that are 12 and I am hoping to really embrace these next 6 years that we have…

  • Anonymous says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear right now, It brought tears to my eyes, Thank you so much…

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, this is absolutely beautiful and EXACTLY what I needed. This post is a blessing and I am trying not to cry. I am moved!

  • JayCee says:

    Right on time!! In the midst of wedding planning (stressing) I have not been grateful for the things I do have. I have allowed myself to become filled with concern for the things I can not attain whether due to financial (lack thereof) or locational reasons. This was so needed. Thanks so very much for sharing!!

  • JayCee says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Pecancurls says:

    Great post! Just what I needed to slow down and make me reflect on all of my present blessings instead of obsessing about my future needs. I have to hug the kids and hubs extra tight tonight when I see them.

  • Katrina A says:

    Great post. It puts me in mind of one of my favorite quotes:

    “Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment sparkling like a star in our hand — and melting like a snowflake.” Marie Beynon Ray

    A great reminder that we are not promised anything but only this moment in time, so we better make the most of it! Thanks for sharing.

  • chai says:

    made my morning, beautiful. Thanks for always sharing;)

  • Daphne74 says:

    This post was just for me. My daughter turned 7 yesterday and I took her to the circus for a birthday surprise. It's so wonderful to see the world through a child's eyes and understand that at this moment everything is awesome. No matter how tired I am or distracted by adult life that goes on around me, when she is fascinated by some little thing right at that moment, I see how simple life really easy. It makes you appreciate the big things that happen to us everyday. Thanks

  • Anonymous says:

    Amen, well said, good sister, AMEN!

  • Anonymous says:

    love it! so blessed!

  • Amber Denise says:

    This is great and perfect timing. I really need to work on living in the moment and being appreciative of what I have right now. Thanks for this reminder. Its so easy to get caught up in wanting the next big thing that we forget how blessed we are right now. I'm sure being grateful in the moment makes for a much happier life.

  • Arnita says:

    I LOVE this post! It speaks so much truth and I appreciate it greatly. Before I read this, I just said to someone that I am grateful for XYZ, however, I will be glad when ABC happens. Being grateful makes for more of a thankful heart. 🙂

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