by Taneica of ShatterProofGlassDolls

Now, truth be told, I am not as much of a holy roller as some may think I should be, but I do love the Lord and talk to him often. Though I strive everyday to strengthen my relationship with Christ and strut fabulously down the path that he’s created for me, I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t faltered. It’s also a stretch to say that I have never gotten so caught up in my own foolishness that I’ve forgotten to pray, read the word and most importantly say “thank you”. I’ve gotten better, but it’s still something that I have to make an effort to remember. I have to remind myself that this life is not all about me. I am here for a greater purpose and just like everything and everyone else in life, I don’t have forever. Six years ago, I had an awesome discussion with the man upstairs while driving somewhere and ’til this day, it sticks with me. When I wrote and posted the conversation, only about 20 folks viewed it. Seeing as our viewership is in the high hundreds daily these days, I am confident that this post will bless someone, somewhere this Easter weekend. Enjoy and until next time, stay gorgeous dolls!

June 26,2006

I have been getting a “word”, if you will, for the past month now and I think it’s time to get it out. Now I’m no sanctimonious, walk on water, holy ghost filled, “shebrrroughtahonda ha ha!” type a christian. But, I am a believer AND I am trying my best to follow Christ as best I can. With that said, me and the man upstairs have a rapport ya know? And he talks to me ALL the time. Lately he’s been saying the same thing though. So, Imma give y’all the convo the best way I know how ok?

Jesus: How have you thanked me today?

Taneica: *in my smart alek “duh Lord” kinda way* Um, well I prayed, surely you heard my prayer this morning, right? ‘thank you for waking me up this morning and clothing me in my right mind blahze blahze blah blah blah’…I did thank you!”

Jesus: Yea…I heard you say thank you, but how have you thanked me today?

Taneica: JC, is this one of your parables that you’re trynna come at me with? Because I don’t really understand parables in a quickness too often…and-

Jesus: Do you notice as soon as the sun comes up… 6:30 ish or 7, he’s singing? So much so that you have to scream at him to shut up? His squawking is music and praise to my ears. He is thanking me for making him. Not through words, but through his ACTIONS.

Taneica:…should I just let him sing then?

Jesus: That would be nice Taneica, but are you understanding what I’m asking you now?

Taneica: Yes…I’ve been slacking up huh?

Jesus: That’s why were chatting right now, yes. So whatcha gonna do to make it up to me?

Taneica: I’ll understand more and judge less. I’ll give more and take less. I’ll love more and hate less. I’ll pay tithes regularly. It doesn’t have to be to a church, but can be to help someone in need. I could stand to curse less too. I will continue to smile and tell people how much you rock and stuff! How am I doing JC?

Jesus: You’re doing just fine kiddo, I put a good heart in you and a radiant spirit. Thank me by sharing both with as many people as you can. Drop my name into conversations a little more. I love you Taneica and you’re some of my best work.

Taneica: *grinning* wow! thanks! I love you too!

Jesus: and by the way, I’m God, I don’t “rock”.

Now, that was my little chat with Jesus. I’m sharing it with y’all because it was laid on my heart to do so. I hope it makes someone’s day out there! God Bless! Till Next time!

What are you thankful for? How do you show it?