If We Were Friends...

Let me set up the scenario. You’re sitting on a bus or waiting in your doctor’s office when you see a young woman, visibly upset, sitting by herself in a far corner. She looks shaken, tired. She may even look as though she’s been crying. Your initial reaction may be to walk over and whisper a kind word, lean in and give her a warm hug or just offer a bit of advice. But you stop yourself for various and sometimes obvious reasons. We all have boundaries and in an effort to respect others, sometimes we keep to ourselves and fight an inward struggle. We may even attempt to come up with alternatives to let the other person know that they’re not alone.

Welp, I know I have been in the above situation. Having a bleeding heart like mine makes it difficult for me to just look the other way, so sometimes I find myself offering a Kleenex and an understanding smile. I never ask and I seldom even utter a word. I just hope that my actions are enough. With that said, I felt inspired to write an open letter to all my dolls who may be going through some emotional turbulence right now. I typically don’t title within posts, but I figured this letter could use one.

If We Were Friends

If we were friends, I would tell you that your tears aren’t tears of defeat, but they’re tears of resolve and are cleansing your soul so that you can start again with a clean slate. I’d tell you that no matter what your situation is, it’s worth fighting through, because YOU are worth fighting for. I would remind you that though your heart feels like it’s breaking, in actuality, it’s growing and taking in new experiences. The ache that you feel is your soul and spirit growing to a larger capacity. Stretching can be very uncomfortable, especially if you haven’t done it in a very long time. Whether you’ve just ended a relationship, lost a loved one or failed miserably at something that you tried very hard to accomplish, you will be okay. There’s a reason why though you feel so crappy, you’re still breathing! The biggest reason is because you can get through this. There are people to talk to and pray with, there are things that you can do and there are still lessons for you to learn. Allow yourself to grieve, allow yourself to cry, but also allow yourself to forgive and heal. This is a page, a chapter at most in your book of life experiences. Take this opportunity to mold the remaining chapters however you choose. There’s more good and a little more bad ahead, but you’re a tough cookie. You can make it! You are loved and you are NEVER alone. In closing I want to remind you that you are, always have been and always will be, a Shatterproof Glass Doll. If you don’t know what this means, hopefully the definition will make you smile a little. A Shatterproof Glass Doll is a fragile woman who can never be broken beyond repair. That’s you honey. Arm yourself with these heartfelt words of love, empowerment and positivity and keep your head up.