by Kim Jackson of PeaceLoveandPrettyThings

hindsight, things are usually not quite as bad as they seemed while you
were in the moment. Try remembering that when you’re at the height of
your frustration and feeling like you want to quit. If you can hold on
just a bit longer, you might be right on the edge of your breakthrough.
Here are some affirmations to help manage your self-talk and bring you off the ledge.

accept the given details of my circumstances. I acknowledge that there
are things about my situation that I do not like, but I know that as
long as I continue working towards my ideal outcome, things will work
out in my favor.

When I feel frustrated, I recognize that I need to turn inward and ask Spirit for help.

practice changing my self-dialogue and bridging my negative thoughts
back to positive ones. Instead of “I am frustrated”, I will try “I am
frustrated in this moment, but I know it will get better because ___”.

I refuse to believe in “I can’t.” God—please show me how to do this.

will take time for myself and focus on doing the things that make me
happy; instead of letting my thoughts be clouded by things that do not
make me happy.

Even in my darkest moments, I trust that the Universe is moving on my behalf and that I am being taken care of.

I know that patience pays off. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn patience in this moment.

is co-authored by Kim Jackson and GG Renee with the intention of
connecting with women through messages of self-love and personal
freedom. We believe that true beauty starts on the inside and
radiates outward, so maintaining emotional health and balance
should be an essential part of every woman’s beauty regimen. We
use this platform as an opportunity to share our personal
experiences, and to help other women who are seeking guidance to
find their own truths and live fabulously.