What's the Best Way to Apply Coconut Oil?
What's the Best Way to Apply Coconut Oil?

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CYW says…Is using coconut oil as a pre-poo or a leave in after shampoo/cond going to benefit my hair the most?

The Right Brain responds:

We’ve blogged before about how coconut oil is effective at treating hair damage.
That’s because it’s one of the relatively few oils that are able to
penetrate deep into the hair. Coconut oil is special because it has the
right combination of molecular size and shape (it’s small and has
straight line structure that allows it to slip into hair) and the right
chemical structure (it’s derived from lauric acid which has an affinity
for protein.) So while most conditioning oils (like silicones and
mineral oil) just sit on top of that hair, coconut oil is literally able
to work from the inside.

What’s the best way to apply coconut oil?

One of the best studies we’ve seen on this subject was conducted in
India is in 2002. Researchers found that coconut oil reduces damage both
as a pre-wash and post grooming treatment. However, results showed it
worked better as a prewash which makes sense since that’s when a lot of
mechanical damage occurs during the washing and drying process.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well there is a slight catch, at
least based on the methodology used in this particular test. The
coconut oil was applied to hair and allowed to soak in for 14 hours
(overnight). Despite the usage instructions for many regular
conditioners you don’t have to let those sit on your hair for very long.
However, if you want good penetration (and who doesn’t?) you have to
allow coconut oil to soak into your hair for quite some time. Maybe 14
hours isn’t the magic number but that’s the timeframe that researchers
used in this study.

The Beauty Brains bottom line

We wouldn’t want to over emphasize the results of any single study,
however, based on the research we’ve seen you should apply coconut oil
to your hair at night before going to sleep. In the morning wash it out
and you should see significantly less damage.

Reference: Effect of mineral oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil
on prevention of hair damage, J. Cosmet. Sci.,54, 175-192

How and when do you apply your coconut oil? Share your experiences!