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Wash and Go’s On Type 4b/4c Hair– Are They Worth It?

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Wash and Go's On Type 4b/4c Hair-- Are They Worth It?
by Ariane of

Many are under the impression that wash n go’s aren’t even achievable on 4b or 4c hair, but using the right technique it is entirely possible. The question is however, are most naturals willing to do what it takes to achieve these results?

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If you are thinking about doing a wash n go style 9 times out of 10 I guarantee you are hoping to sustain some curl definition. The issue is, in order to retain the curl definition in 4B or 4C hair there is a whole lot more effort than just simply washing your hair, adding in some product and going. Try doing that and you’ll end up like this:

There is a whole lot more to the process and in truth it really should be referred to as a “work n’ go”.
You have to really make an effort to shingle product through your hair section by section making sure your defining your strands, which is definitely not a 5 minute deal.

This is why LiveNaturallyLove’s wash n go came out so awesome! She worked section by section: first by cleansing her hair, then conditioning, adding her whipped Shea ButterWash and Go's On Type 4b/4c Hair-- Are They Worth It?, and her botanical gel by Camille RoseWash and Go's On Type 4b/4c Hair-- Are They Worth It?.

Sadly, after you have put in all that work you may get 2 or 3 days tops wear out of your wash n go and you will have to repeat this process all over again if you desire the same look.

 My Wash n Go Hair Closeup
My wash n go results on my 4B/4C hair!

Although I loved the results I achieved with wash n go’s the time commitment involved just isn’t for me personally. I ended up damaging my hair from it. When it was time to go to sleep I neglected to at the very least pineapple my hair and that led to my hair getting matted. After all the work I put into getting my wash n go look in the first place by the time I was ready to go to bed, hair was the last thing I was thinking about. My life does not revolve around my hair and admittedly sometimes I am just lazy.

At this point I can see myself reserving wash n go’s for the summer, but for the vast majority of the year protective styles will be my go to. Protective styles are just easier in that they keep my hair consistently looking together for a longer period of time. To maintain, I simply have to wear my bonnet at night, moisturize daily and literally get up and go. Being that I will be a new mommy soon, I think this is going more suitable for my lifestyle and the effort I want to put into my hair.

For some 4B/4C naturals wash n go’s are heaven sent because with proper care you may enjoy the moisturizing benefits this style choice has. However, if you choose the wash n’ go route here are some considerations and things to expect.

  • If you must have defined curls to enjoy your wash n go you may not enjoy the time you must invest. You must shingle your hair section by section for definition.
  • You need quality products! Use the wrong ones and you will be left with a dry mess. See the Best Products for Wash n Go’s.
  • The products you use will get used up more quickly because you will use them more frequently. So it can get pretty pricey.
  • You must embrace some form of shrinkage with wash n go’s. If you need some elongation be willing to invest in a diffuser attachmentWash and Go's On Type 4b/4c Hair-- Are They Worth It? and spend more time on your hair stretching it.
  • The results are not long lasting. In many cases at least by day 3 you will need to refresh your hair.
  • You still should either be putting your hair in large twists or pineappling (a high ponytail) to avoid tangles and matting at night.

Sound off naturals! What are your thoughts on wash n go’s?

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