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How to Get Super Straight Natural Hair Using the Silk Wrap Method

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How to Get Super Straight Natural Hair Using the Silk Wrap Method
by Sabrina Perkins of

The original purpose of silk wrapping was to give relaxed hair that ‘flat ironed and silky’ look without excessive heat abuse.  This treatment involves applying a bit of moisturizer and shine spray to the hair before wrapping it, securing with saran wrap and sitting under the hooded dryer for a spell.

Somewhere down the line, though, someone got it in their mind to try this technique on heat styled, natural hair.  It works great for natural hair that has been roller set, blown out, pressed and/or flat ironed. The silk wrap serves the same purpose, with the added benefit of reducing the volume of the hair for a ‘flatter’ look.

If you’re looking to extend the time between blow-outs and want to switch things up with a super sleek look, then this might be a great tip to try!

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How to silk wrap natural hair:

Start on dry hair. If relaxed, you should have roller set first, if natural, follow your usual process of straightening your hair (large magnetic roller set, blow out, flat iron, etc).

• Take a dime sized amount of your moisturizer (preferably something light), emulsify in your hands and then apply to hair concentrating on the ends. Use a comb to smooth through your strands.
• Brush your hair into a smooth wrap trying not to use any pins as they will create creases in the finished look. If desired, spray your hair lightly with an oil sheen spray.
• Apply the saran wrap (cling film) over the hair quite firmly ensuring you cover the top of your head as well.
• Sit under a moderate to hot dryer for 10-20 minutes
• Remove the saran wrap and comb out the wrap.
• Silky smooth locks are yours!

If done correctly, your natural hair will not only not revert, but the hair will be smoother!  Check out Classcie’s tutorial–

Have you ever tried a silk wrap? Please share your results!

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