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Does Plucking One Gray Hair Make More Grow Back?

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Does Plucking One Gray Hair Make More Grow Back?
embrace the gray like our curl friend, Omisade!

by Sabrina Perkins of

This has GOT to be one of the most asked questions in hair and beauty! To pluck, or NOT to pluck? I am talking about gray hairs, you know, those little ones you get around your hairline?  Whether you have a few grays or a ton, you have definitely thought about it, talked about it with a girlfriend or may have even seen your mother doing it. No matter where you stand, the 10 million dollar question remains:

Does plucking a gray hair REALLY make more grow back in its place?


According to Cosmetic scientist Randy Schueller, “There’s no harm in plucking a grey hair, but it also doesn’t do you much good.” Basically, pulling a gray hair does not make a three new ones grow back in it’s place. It also does not keep another gray from growing back.

“The follicle (the little tube beneath the skin that produces the hair) is still alive and will produce another hair to replace the one that was pulled out. There is some good news: If you’re lucky, when the new hair grows back it may be a little less grey than its predecessor.”

The only problem one may face is if you are a serious plucker, you can possibly damage the hair follicle to the point where another hair will never grow back. Your best bet is to ether go gray or color. If you have a couple and they are truly annoying you, then plucking may be the way to go, but if you find you are plucking too often, then you might want to stop and try another method.

There are numerous coloring options if you choose to go that route but going to a professional may be ideal. A colorist can help with getting you the color you desire especially if you want uniformity in the color of your hair and do not want your grays to yellow. Also, if you want to embrace your grays a colorist can help you achieve a sexy silver over a dulling one.

So, no more worries of three gray hairs growing back in one gray’s plucked spot.  Just know that it will grow back and it may or may not be gray again.

Do you pluck, color or let it go gray naturals?

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