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Why You Need to Try Mambo Twist Crochet Braids!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Why You Need to Try Mambo Twist Crochet Braids!
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by Ariane of

My first impression of mambo crochet braids is that they are a beautiful style, but my biggest concern was that they could possibly be uncomfortably heavy. Luckily, that isn’t the case and they are worth all the rave that they get.


#1 Once you get past doing your cornrows installing the twists is a breeze
Since the hair is already pre-twisted there are no worries about styling the hair once installed, once they are in there, that’s it. In total putting in the twists took me an hour or so.

Also because these twists are thick, you really don’t want to over do it with putting a whole bunch of them in. My pack included 14 twists each and I used a total of 5 packs.

Why You Need to Try Mambo Twist Crochet Braids!

#2 The hair is lightweight
I actually wanted to go with a shorter length (the 12 inches) but ended up going with 18 inches because that’s all the beauty supply by me had. I desperately needed something done with my hair so I just went with it, even though I feared the hair would be heavy and hot. The hair is very lightweight, soft and pretty comfy to sleep with at night. No regrets here!

#3 You get two styles in one
After you have worn your twists for a few weeks, you can unravel your twists for a twist out style to change things up. I am so looking forward to how they will look when I undo them!

#4 Long lasting style
Unlike the curly crochet styles you don’t have to do much to maintain their appearance other than wrap your hair at night and moisturize your real hair as needed. ( See this: DIY Anti Itch Braid Spray Recipe For Moisturizing) While the curly styles are still my favorite overtime it can get tangled and matted, but with braided styles this is not a concern.

#5 They are the perfect vacay style
If you have any plans to swim in the pool or at the beach you don’t have to worry about your style being completely destroyed. We already have a post on the best types of curly crochet hair to swim with, but braided and twisted crochet hair is probably even better if you worried about style preservation.

#6 No worries about it taking centuries to remove
As with all crochet styles they are very easy to remove and take even less time to take out than most crochet styles. (Simply undo your cornrows to remove) In total I have 70 twists so that’s way less twists I have to worry about getting out than if I had a smaller sized twisted hair, so the removal will be done in a flash.

I love the hair that I got from my local beauty supply and I would provide a link to it, but it doesn’t seem to be easily found online. However, a popular brand that I have used before, the Janet Collection Mambo twists, are readily available online and may be at your local beauty supply.

When it comes to long term protective styling crochet braids are my go to.

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