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NEW Product: Color Gray Hair & Restore Pigment Without Chemicals!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
NEW Product: Color Gray Hair & Restore Pigment Without Chemicals!

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by Ariane of

No, it’s not henna, indigo or a tea rinse. It’s a brand new product called Hairprint that may revolutionize hair coloring by restoring your hair’s natural pigment by utilizing your own body’s internal chemistry.

According to the creators,

“Hair dyes work by opening up the cuticle and cortex of the hair, using ammonia or MEA, removing the color that is there, and placing a new color (a coal tar dye) in its place.

Rather than stripping hair of its color then bonding foreign dyes to hair using couplers, oxidizers and harsh chemicals, Hairprint works by replacing the missing pigment common to brown and black hair. During a Hairprint treatment, new eumelanin is synthesized within the cortex structure of the hair restoring its innate color. This process is called melanogenesis and occurs constantly in the human body. Hairprint creates the precursors of eumelanin, relatively small monomers that penetrate the cuticle layer into the cortex where they form eumelanin pigments that polymerize and become too large to be washed or abraded out”.

A demo of how the product is applied

Looks like a lengthy process (Hairprint says it typically takes 70 minutes; longer if you are new to applying it). However, if being completely chemical free is what you want and you are not fond of your gray this may be worth a try.

It contains 8 ingredients

Baking Soda
Sodium carbonate
Mucuna pruriens extract
Hydrogen peroxide
Ferrous gluconate
Manganese gluconate
Diatomaceous earth

Their explanation of the ingredients,

“Baking soda is what we use at home for baking and cleaning. Mucuna pruriens extract is made from velvet beans. Sodium carbonate is made from salt and limestone. Ferrous and manganese gluconate are both vitamin supplements. Hydrogen peroxide is made of oxygen and water and naturally occurs in the hair follicle. Carbomer is an inert thickener used in shampoos and pharmaceuticals. Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock made from ancient deposits of hard-shelled algae”.

What you should know before you buy:

For women who have dark relaxed hair Hairprint recommends that you discontinue relaxer for the best results and to avoid dryness.

For relaxed hair that is light brown or brown Hairprint is not recommended at all. The reason for this is, “The chemicals in relaxers damage the internal structure of your hair and will cause your hair to become too dark. You would need to wait until the hair has grown out before applying Hairprint”.
If you have used any product containing Metallic Salts do not use Hairprint. Some henna products or hair dyes may include this ingredient. If you have used 100% pure Henna with no other added ingredients, you are cools :-).

Would you try it?!

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