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5 Things that Make My Hair Dry

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
5 Things that Make My Hair Dry

One of the questions that I get almost daily is about dry hair. It can be frustrating when you are dealing with dry hair and don’t know what’s causing it. It’s important that we determine first what is making our hair dry and then follow steps to combat those issues. Dry, brittle hair may be the reason you are struggling to retain length, so I have compiled a list five things that make my natural hair dry and solutions to solve those issues.


Not drinking enough water
I can admit that sometimes I am not good at maintaining my water intake. We sometimes forget that water intake is also important to our hair health. In order to maintain healthy hair, we have to make sure our bodies are properly hydrated.

Clarifying too often
Sometimes I get too excited and go overboard with the clarifying shampoo, especially after I take out my protective style. Too much clarifying can lead to dry hair, so this is a no-no. Limit your clarifying shampoo sessions to once per month. Make sure to pre-poo with your favorite oil (I use almond oil) to help retain moisture and decrease tangles before you shampoo.

Skipping the L.O.C. method
I have noticed that when I don’t properly moisturize my hair, it’s really dry. The L.O.C. (liquid, oil, and cream) method involves a leave-in, oil, and then sealing moisture in with a cream. Every time I do the L.O.C method my hair thrives. I can tell when I don’t practice this method my hair is dry.

Not using the proper leave-in moisturizers
When I don’t use water based leave-in conditioners, my hair is dry. I have low porosity hair, so I have to use conditioners that will easily penetrate my hair strands. Water based leave-in conditioners are good for those with low porosity hair, as they don’t build up the way creamy moisturizers or leave-in conditioners do. I love to use Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner to keep my hair moisturized. Using the proper leave-in conditioners for your hair help penetrate my hair.

Not protecting my hair at night
You would think that if this step is missed, then you will be ok. When I don’t protect my hair at night, my hair is in horrible shape the next morning. Protecting your hair at night is a really important step in my natural hair regimen. Make sure that you are keeping your hair protected at night by sleeping on a satin pillowcase or sleeping in a satin bonnet at night. This is how you maintain your style and prevent your cotton bed sheets from absorbing the moisture and oils in your hair.

Once I was able to determine why my hair was dry, it was easier for me to find out the solutions to my problem. If you are experiencing dry hair, you should first take a look at your regimen and lifestyle and then assess how to combat the issues you are facing.

Is your natural hair dry? What are you doing to combat the issue?

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