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Beauty Products 101: Awesome Tips for Making Your Beauty Products Last Longer

By June 9th, 2022No Comments
Tips for Making Your Beauty Products Last Longer

Beauty Products 101: Awesome Tips for Making Your Beauty Products Last Longer

Beauty products are expensive, and you want to use everything till the last drop. Get the most out of your items by reading these tips for making your beauty products last longer. You don’t want to miss this advice!

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1. Store SPF in a Cooler or Fridge

Although leaving your sunscreen in your car, bathroom, or makeup bag seems like a good idea, it actually affects the product. Putting sunscreen in heat or direct sunlight activates the SPF and makes it expire before applying it to your skin. Therefore, it’s best to store sunscreen in a cooler or fridge! Doing so keeps the product effective and offers cooling relief from the blazing sun.

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2. Give Older Products a New Purpose

Who says makeup products only serve one purpose? You can give older products a new life by making “new” items. That old lipstick can now be blush. Or that glitter eyeshadow can be your new face highlighter! Here are some more revamp ideas:

  • Mix pressed powder with moisturizer to make tinted moisturizer.
  • Pour the last drops of perfume into an unscented lotion to create scented body cream.
  • Mix sparkly eyeshadow with clear nail polish to create a new polish.
  • Use an old mascara wand as an eyebrow brush.
Beauty Products 101 Awesome Tips for Making Your Beauty Products Last Longer

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3. Don’t Use Makeup Sponges

When makeup sponges made waves through the beauty scene, everyone wanted one. And, though sponges were luring, they also soaked up a lot of your products! So, another tip for making your beauty products last longer is to not use makeup sponges. Instead, use foundation and concealer brushes to apply your makeup. You will notice that bottles of your foundation will go a long way. Essentially, you’re saving money while avoiding product waste.

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4. Transfer Products to New Containers

Beauty Products 101 Awesome Tips for Making Your Beauty Products Last Longer 2

If you notice that your beauty products are beginning to dry out before you’re done using them, transfer them into new containers. This will prevent crust and dried-out areas from affecting the rest of the product. It’s also a great storage method! For instance, purchasing backup bottles is a salon tip for properly storing your nail polish bottles. If your original polish bottle breaks, you don’t have to throw it away. Instead, pour the polish into a new bottle.

5. Avoid Directly Touching Products

When you put your hands in cosmetic jars, you risk contaminating the product. And, extra bacteria can shorten the lifespan of your items. Fortunately, you can use makeup spatulas to scoop the cosmetics from the container and apply it to the desired area. You don’t have to worry about stale products or getting your hands dirty with excess buildup! You can purchase stainless steel makeup spatulas for continuous use.

Got any tips and tricks for making your beauty products last longer? Share!

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