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Curly Nikki

“Light that Feels like Love…”

source by Akilah Peynado of Mondays are the happening thing with Nikki Walton in her meditation/book club Zoom group at 6:30pm. However, what I love the most about this group is that you can alway catch the replays if you are unable to attend the live recording. In order to enjoy some of this …

Curly Nikki

How do you identify? As Ego or Soul?

#ProTip : Stop trying to figure out how to love yourself. You can’t. And start noticing and living out from the place inside that already IS Love. Find IT, feel IT. Continue!>>> The person, your ego, is incapable of unconditional love, even for itself. That’s why you’ve been trying so hard, with little to show …

Curly Nikki

Your Best Life Depends on THIS.

Right next to and behind your melodrama, tension and racing mind is a subtly-joyful Peace. It’s always been here, you just forgot to feel it. Continue!>>> If we were sitting on the beach together right now, chatting it up, you’d frequently forget to ‘hear’ the waves. The ocean sounds would just fade to the background …