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Curly Nikki

15 Days of Giving Thanks- Sylvia

My sister and BFF, Sylvia writes: Yowzas! I have so much to be thankful for that I don’t know where to begin. Let’s see…there’s my family. This time last year, my granny was really ill and we didn’t know whether she’d even make it to Christmas. Fast forward to November 2011, and she’s back living …

Curly Nikki

15 Days of Giving Thanks- Raquisha

Raquisha writes: What am I thankful for? Well, as far back as I can remember, this time of year has invoked reflection upon our sources of gratitude and November of 2011 has proven no different. “What am I thankful for?” Hmm…maybe I should rephrase that. “Who am I thankful for?” Yeah, that’s better, more precise. …

Curly Nikki

15 Days of Giving Thanks- Lisa

Lisa writes: It may sound like something so trivial to some, but I am thankful every single day for my supportive family. I know quite a few people who either do not have any family, or their family has gone through some major tribulations and struggles. I am lucky, and blessed, to have such a …