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A Man's Perspective - Curly Nikki

Loc’d Man: Tiba

By Curly Nikki 42 Comments

via TheGoodHairBlog Tell us a little about yourself?  My name is Atiba Benjamin aka Skinny Trini. I’m a 26 year old IT Specialist currently residing in NW Washington D.C. I’m originally from Trinidad & Tobago and I moved to the US in 1998, I’ve been in the Metropolitan area ever since. How long have you been growing your locs?  I’ve…

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A Change is Gonna Come- Kenny’s Corner

By Curly Nikki 9 Comments

by Kenny of I hear from many prominent black people, about the glory of black hair. “I would say that hair is a woman’s glory and that you share that glory with your family.” -Maya Angelou But African American society seems largely to only promote the hair of black women, black men’s hair largely is expected to take a…

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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself…

By Curly Nikki 54 Comments

by Kenny of Konnichiwa! Many of you may have seen my “on the couch” that was posted a few days ago. It was a bit awkward for me seeing as how I have never owned a couch in my entire life. The closest I have come to owning a couch, and the status it brings, is having a bean…

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Method Man on Natural Hair- UPDATE!

By Curly Nikki 125 Comments

*Method Man responds, giving us the ‘real deal’ about his comments. Thanks Jad928 and Dayna for the link!Check it out HERE!* Originally posted on 2/2/2011 Submitted by Annie L.: I found a new video of Method Man ‘discussing’ his views on natural hair on youtube. It’s pretty interesting and wondered if the CN community would find it interesting as well….

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Black Men and Natural Hair

By Curly Nikki 40 Comments

The beautiful and insightful Leslie, of Naturally Leslie, will be contributing cultural pieces to weekly!Check it out, and weigh in! Image from So one topic that tends to come up over and over again on the blogs is related to how men view our natural hair. I’ve shared before how I never had an issue with this since…

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Naturally Sexy–a Man’s Perspective

By Curly Nikki 44 Comments

The piece below was written by Charles, the creator and editor of Me & Everybody Else. Check it out! I went with my fiancee’ to Victoria’s Secret the other day, and they had an advertisement that read “Natural is the new sexy.” But Natural is the only sexy that matters. Because truth is the only real beauty. The word itself,…

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