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Curly Nikki

Independent Film ‘Across the Tracks’ Tackles Two Sisters’ Challenges with Colorism in the 1960’s Deep South

By Alma Hill “Passing” is a controversial concept in Black American Culture. We all know someone who is light enough, or has fair enough features to “pass” as white. Often times, these fair skinned family members are complete anomalies in their families. Take Quincy Jones’ daughters for example. Kidada Jones, while she is lighter in …

Curly Nikki

Esperanza Spalding Becomes A Harvard Professor

DUSAN RELJIN Esperanza Spalding can officially add Harvard Professor to her long list of accolades. Continue Reading Her appointment as a Professor of Practice at Harvard officially starts this month, but The Harvard Gazette is reporting she won’t officially be in front of students until Spring 2018. The talented Afro-Latina songstress is best known for …