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Curly Nikki

Amla: Miracle Oil or Too Good to Be True?!

by Tonya Mckay Where Does it Come From?  Among the many botanical based ingredients currently popular in hair care routines, amla is perhaps the one that seems the most mysterious, at least from a chemistry point of view. Amla is derived from the fruit of the Indian gooseberry or Phyllanthus emblica L., a deciduous tree …

Curly Nikki

Where the Amla At, Tho? – Using Amla Oil to Promote Hair Growth

#Repost #KnowYoIngredients #TruthInAdvertising ************************************** Remember that one time when I went to India?  Well, besides hipster trinkets like my fake nose ring, a gorgeous, ornate clutch and ALL the pashmina scarves, I also brought back a few beauty secrets!  Indian women are known for their strong, long, healthy locks.  And heads like this–  #spectacle — …