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At Home Hair Spa- KurlyBella - Curly Nikki

Honey Brown Sugar Scalp Massage

By Curly Nikki 9 Comments

by Kurlybella of K is for Kinky You’re going to think that you are supposed to eat this but I don’t think you should. Though the idea of a scalp massage may seem foreign to you, don’t worry, it makes your scalp feel so good. I suggest using a finely ground brown sugar and to rub the scalp very softly….

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Sparkling Brush Cleaner- A Recipe

By Curly Nikki 15 Comments

by KurlyBella of K is for Kinky Blame it on my tendencies to want to bleach everything, but I don’t like it when my brushes (and sometimes combs) have any kind of sticky residue on them. If I’m not careful and fall off of my normal cleaning schedule, my conditioner will leave a buildup on the little dips on the…

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Sweet Vanilla Shea Custard

By Curly Nikki 10 Comments

by Kurlybella of K is for Kinky Shea butter is all the rage amongst a lot of naturals because of its diversity and effectiveness on natural hair. Whether your hair is fine, coarse, kinky or curly, you may find that shea butter is a staple that you need in your hair routine. I, personally, do not like to use shea…

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Quick Deep Conditioning Masque- Natural Hair

By Curly Nikki 11 Comments

by Kurlybella of K is for Kinky This moisturizing treatment revitalizes hair, leaving it soft and full, strengthening strands and reducing split ends. In a bowl combine: -1 small jar of full-fat mayonnaise-1/2 of a ripe or over-ripe avocado Mash avocado with the back of a wooden spoon until soft and creamy. Mix mayonnaise into avocado until well-blended, and one…

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Lemongrass Dandruff Treatment Rinse

By Curly Nikki 5 Comments

by Kurlybella of K is for Kinky Okay, can we keep it real? Dandruff is NOT THE BIZNESS. In high school I had dandruff – which now that I look back, think it was a side effect of relaxing. Anyway, I digress. If you struggle with a snowflake scalp but don’t want to use a “regular” store brand dandruff shampoo,…

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Amped up Cheapie Conditioner- Natural Hair

By Curly Nikki 18 Comments

photo by Kurlybella of K is for Kinky Cheapie conditioners don’t really work well on my hair. And when I say cheapie I mean the 1-2 dollar bottles like suave and vo5. They do okay, but it’s surely not anything to write home about or leave me impressed. Some naturals love these conditioners off the shelf, but they don’t really…

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Tropical Deep Conditioner- Natural Hair Recipes

By Curly Nikki 14 Comments

photo source by Kurlybella of K is for Kinky This tropical conditioner is all natural and will leave your hair feeling very soft. Ingredients:1 peeled and mashed avocado1 cup coconut milk or cream I suggest using Chaokoh Coconut Milk for a few reasons. First, it’s super cheap at around $1 a can and it’s much thicker than most brands and…

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Super Fruit Smoothie Hair Mask

By Curly Nikki No Comments

by Kurlybella of K is for Kinky Yes, technically you can eat this mask, but it’s for your hair. It sounds good to eat but with the addition of avocado, I’m not sure it will taste that good. I like my avocado without banana! But on my kinky tresses, sounds like heaven to me. This is an easy mask to…

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