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Curly Nikki

Lets Talk About Rape, Baby

Let’s Talk About Rape, Some More By Brittney M. Walker He raped me. Well, I was under the influence. Plus, I was being extremely flirtatious. But he was sober. Older. Much older. Married. Has three nearly grown kids. I took off my panties in the back seat of the car, though. It was an invitation. …

Curly Nikki

Why I Ain’t A Christian No More

By Brittney M. Walker The deacons are passing around Communion cups, the prepackaged ones with the non-alcoholic wine shots and Styrofoam crackers attached to the top protected with a cellophane wrapping. I am sweating a little in my armpits, nervous about what she’ll say when she notices that I don’t take one. For several Communion …