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#bullying - Curly Nikki

Natural Hair Recruiters

By Curly Nikki 16 Comments

source: Le Coil MelMelBee writes: I LOVE my natural hair, and since I’ve been natural, I’ve always tried to encourage other people around me, especially close friends and family, to experience first-hand he beauty of being “au naturale”. However, sometimes I have noticed that I can become a little over zealous. I have found myself emailing articles, pictures, tutorials, and…

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Handling Rude Comments About Your Hair

By Curly Nikki 95 Comments

by Chelsea of Curly and Young I recently received this heart wrenching message from a young curly in distress. At some point or another we have all felt a little low about our hair be it straight or curly. However, the pressures to conform are made worse when persons go out of their way to insult your decision to go…

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Wanda Sykes on Her ‘Gay Hair’

By Curly Nikki 74 Comments

Earlier this week I had a candid chat with acclaimed actress, comedienne, and writer Wanda Sykes. OMfrickingG! To be honest, I was nervous, geeked, and utterly star struck. Before the interview I was attempting to implement what I teach my clients- thinking positive thoughts, practicing slow, diaphragmatic breathing, and convincing myself that I was ‘worthy’ of the coming experience. Enter…

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