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Curly Nikki

Tips on How to Wash and Reuse Marley Hair

by Ajia N. Eberhart  Protective styling is a large part of what helps naturalistas achieve and maintain length. Some of the most coveted protective styles that have become popular are Marley Twists, Crochet Braids, and the timelessness and creativity of Box Braids. Unfortunately, not all of us have beautiful textured strands cascading down our backs …

Curly Nikki

DIY Natural Hair Clip In Extensions

In this video, J. Joelle shows us how to create and style our own kinky hair clip-ins.  And get this, instead of costing upwards of 200 dollars, these will only cost you 10!  They’re a quick, easy and chic way to add volume (and/or length) to your natural hair. Watch Now!>>> What say you? Will …