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Curly Nikki

This is Why I Stopped Co-Washing

Photo courtesy of @charmsie by Keisha Fadeyi In the era of curly hair awareness, education and acceptance we have all but abandoned shampoo in many hair care regimens. Many of my favorite curly bloggers and YouTubers swear by co-washing and credit this practice with hair growth and maintaining moisture. Often times we hear horror stories about …

Curly Nikki

All About the Curly Girl Method

PHOTO COURTESY OF SHINESTRUCK by Raquel Aguiar The Curly Girl Method, otherwise known as CG Method, was developed from Curly Girl: The Handbook, a book written by Lorraine Massey and Deborah Chiel which helps people embrace their natural hair texture. With that objective in mind, Massey described a new and revolutionary routine to get healthy, …