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Curly Nikki

CurlMart’s Biggest Sale Ever!

For 2 days only CurlMart is offering the BIGGEST DISCOUNT EVER – 25% OFF your entire order. Don’t miss out on this exclusive gray friday offer use coupon code GRAY25. Shop now! The following products cannot be discounted– As I Am, Curly Hair Solutions, Miss Jessie’s, Kinky-Curly, Wen and Curly Cocktails

Curly Nikki

CurlMart Discount!

Calling all PJs! We’ve got out own friggin’ discount code… and it’s good through 12/31/2010! From now till the end of the year, you’ll get 15% off your CurlMart purchase with coupon code Nikki15. Every single order comes with free samples! So my dears, this can be handled one of two ways. You can either …