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CurlyNikki Spotlight - Curly Nikki

Lenora’s Twist-n-Curl Results

By Curly Nikki 10 Comments

Hi Nikki, Thanks again for your amazing blog on curly hair! I have been natural twice in the last 9 years and in that time have had only four relaxers. So I have really been taking in your advice and looking at other sites to get info. I did the Twist-n-Curl set last night and liked it so much I…

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Shaking Things Up

By Curly Nikki 9 Comments

Shake of, and one of our Naturally Glam Hair Idols, has changed her wash-n-go routine and would like to pass on a few pearls of wisdom. ____________________________________ Shake: So I’ve been doing wash and go’s a lot lately. I’m staying with a very simple routine and have gotten very very nice results. I came home for the weekend to…

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On the Therapist’s Couch with Nicole

By Curly Nikki 13 Comments

Hello new friends! My name is Nicole but my friends and family call me Nikki 🙂 I was born and raised in Chicago,Illinois where I grew up watching my mom make a living as a master cosmologist. I mean… I lived in the beauty shop, and oh what FUN it WAS!!!!!! I was born in the 70’s so just imagine…

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Suze’s Bantu Knot-Out Results

By Curly Nikki 12 Comments

Hey Nikki, First of all I love your hair, you’re such an inspiration to me. I tried the Bantu-knot out yesterday. After washing my hair, I moisturized it with Organics Carrot oil creme, and sealed the moisture in with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil . Then, I let it air-dry for a while- after a few…

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Versatility At its Best! – Zuriyah

By Curly Nikki 18 Comments

Hi, I am new to your site and just wanted to share a few fotos. I’ve been natural for 3.5 years and have always two-stranded, braided, and occasional dominican blowouts. I don’t wear it out too often because it’s so thick and uncontrollable. I have started an actual regimen and not just conditioner, conditioner, conditioner in the last few months….

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Rashidah’s Twist-n-Curl Results!!

By Curly Nikki 8 Comments

I tried the twist and curl early this year and I loved it so much! Ifollowed the advice of one of the other readers of the blog who hadsubmitted a twist-n-curl review and set every inch of my twist’slength on perm rods. I always get so many compliments when I do this,and my mom has nothing to say about my…

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