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Dr. Perry - Curly Nikki

Dr. Perry on Cellulite

By Curly Nikki 2 Comments

Heavenly Body Who doesn’t want to look their best for as long as they can? Society puts so much pressure on us to look a certain way, but does it encourage us to feel well, think well and live a purposeful existence? How hard do you work at having your inner light shine so bright that you emanate truth and…

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Dr. Perry on Curly Hair Breakage

By Curly Nikki 20 Comments

Hair Breakage: When Your Hair Has Had Enough Spring has arrived. The air is warm with passion and promise for that which is to come. We eagerly await full bloom and sweet smells of fruit and flower. A light, delightful rain sprinkles us with renewed hope for joyous times. I love spring, as this is a time for total renewal….

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Dr. Perry Talks Skin Cancer Prevention

By Curly Nikki No Comments

Skin Cancer Prevention 101 and Sun Protection “Don’t worry about a thing, ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right. “Don’t worry about a thing, ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right!” Rise up this mornin’, Smiled with the risin’ sun, Three little birds Pitch by my doorstep Singin’ sweet songs Of melodies pure and true, Sayin’, (“This is…

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Dr. Perry’s Guide to Caring for Dry Skin

By Curly Nikki 8 Comments

TURNING INTO A FLAKE?A Guide to Caring for Dry Skin When the ash monster comes to visit, you know you need to get busy moisturizing. Dry skin is not only uncomfortable and unappealing; it indicates a lack of attention to your personal well being. We’re all busy these days, but caring for your dry skin can make you feel better…

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Dr. Perry on Hair Loss

By Curly Nikki 8 Comments

Our Resident MD is back, and this time she’s talking hair loss and possible solutions. STRANDED Tied up, tied down, burned with a hot iron, pulled, and pushed – I feel totally neglected. Why can’t I just be left alone? Why can’t I just be massaged with special care, set free and treated with respect and kindness? I may just…

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Dr. Perry on Ethnic Skin and Acne

By Curly Nikki 11 Comments

Our Resident MD is back and she’s talking ACNE. War and Peace When you’re ticked off, the last thing you need is to be picked on, pushed around, and squeezed until you burst, right? Same thing for a zit! Picking fights with your breakouts puts you at war with your skin. Your skin will respond by becoming discolored, scarred and…

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Dr. Perry Talks Healthy Skin

By Curly Nikki 19 Comments

Our Resident MD is kicking off this fabulous series with tips on how to achieve glowing, healthy skin. SKINTASTIC! How to make your face shine by Patricia Perry, M.D. Your chocolate sweetness . . . Dipped in the sugar of innocence Sprinkled with kindness and respect Seasoned with the tincture of time and evident in your cordial restraint Salt and…

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Dr. Perry Talks Skin Care and Natural Hair

By Curly Nikki 9 Comments

The doctor is in, and she’s providing expert advice on skin care, healthy hair growth, scalp issues, and other natural hair issues. Meet Dr. Perry: Patricia Perry, MD, is a New York trained dermatologist who recently relocated to California. She received her medical degree from Howard University College of Medicine. Her residency in dermatology was completed at Columbia University’s St….

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