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Curly Nikki

Scalp Treatments

IG @glowprincess  by Mary Wolff When it comes to keeping your curls, kinks, and coils looking their best, don’t forget what’s underneath. We all pay attention to our strands, but the scalp is sometimes forgotten. The scalp is the foundation for great hair! If the scalp is unhealthy, the hair is unhealthy. Whether dealing with dryness, …

Curly Nikki

Do THIS for a Healthier Scalp!

IG @caribbeancoils  by SOINTOCURLS via The importance of a beautiful, healthy scalp is often times overlooked. The scalp is the breeding ground, if you will, of the hair follicle. If the breeding ground is damaged the follicle and the strands of hair that it produces will be too. Here are a few suggestions to …

Curly Nikki

DIY Face and Scalp Aloe Cream

by Emilia Obiekea of We all want beautiful, healthy skin and hair. Circulation and healthy habits are key elements to having your best skin and hair. While the body naturally maintains circulation, there is nothing wrong with giving it a helping hand! It is important to stimulate your blood flow on a regular basis …