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Curly Nikki

Why Moisture is Good for Your Skin, Too!

Joyce Clements of Naturallycurly writes; Curly haired people understand the importance of moisture for their hair because it turns frizz into soft beautiful hair. Your skin needs moisture, too! Now this is the tricky part—all skin types, just like hair types, are not created equally. It all depends on how you take care of your …

Curly Nikki

Fix for Dry Lips

Naturallycurly writes: Repair for dry lips can be found by mixing 1/4 tsp oil (olive or grapeseed works best), a pinch of salt and 1/8 tsp sugar. Apply to lips and cut an orange in half (not lengthwise but against the segments). Apply remainder of mixture to the orange. Gently press the orange to closed …

Curly Nikki

Recipe for Dehydrated Skin

NaturallyCurly writes: Dryness on skin is actually dehydration . . . as weather gets colder, moisture drops to the ground, and there is less moisture in the air, causing moisture in the skin to evaporate. For dry skin, try 1 tsp finely ground cornmeal, 1 tsp sour cream, 1/4 orange (juice squeezed), 1/2 tsp grape …