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finger detangling - Curly Nikki

Breaking One of the Detangling Commandments

By Curly Nikki One Comment

(Please excuse the possessive “natural’s”, LOL!) by Shelli of Hairscapades Okay, so I may be (figuratively) hung, drawn, and quartered for this one. Alright … alright … I’m being dramatic. But … I’m about to suggest something that will probably go counter to a “natural hair” great commandment that most have probably read over and over again. DETANGLE FROM TIPS TO…

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Never Underestimate the Power of the Shower Stream

By Curly Nikki 18 Comments

by Shelli of Hairscapades I’ve been meaning to write this post for a couple of months now to highlight, share and co-sign on a trick that I read on CurlyNikki long ago, but only started employing more recently. There are several viable and effective options for detangling naturally curly hair: dry with oil, slightly damp with oil and/or conditioner, wet…

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Finger Combing Tight Curly Natural Hair

By Curly Nikki No Comments

by Alicia James of One of the scariest things about having tight curly/coily hair is tangles, tangles, and more tangles. Most of us with natural hair always opt for the hairstyle that will keep our hair manageable when it comes to wash day. Read On>>> Most of my journey I have experimented on and off with finger combing. It…

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Finger Detangling 101

By Curly Nikki 34 Comments

by Shelli of Hairscapades As many of you know, I’m a fan of finger detangling. I started employing this method of detangling almost exclusively in February 2011 when I joined the Curly Nikki presents Kim Coles’ Grow Out Challenge. Prior to that, I used a wide tooth comb in the shower with conditioner saturated hair. However, last year I started…

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