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Hair Basics - Curly Nikki

Natural Hair Troubleshooting

By Curly Nikki 15 Comments

by Nicole of Hair Liberty No one’s hair is perfect! Pinpoint your specific hair issues and start finding solutions to your biggest hair problems. Problem: Dry, Brittle Hair Your hair feels dry to the touch. Sometimes, it looks wiry and/or feels stiff. The breakage never stops. Solution: Your hair is telling you that it needs more moisture. Apply a water-based…

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Make Your Straight Hair Last Longer

By Curly Nikki 5 Comments

by Nicole Harmon of HairLiberty Use products that promise humidity protection When your hair is straight, your roots are usually the first to revert back to curly. That’s because sweat or humidity in the air has penetrated the hair closest to your scalp and made it swell. “Humidity-blocking” products condition your hair by wrapping each strand with a lightweight protective…

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Myth of the Wash-n-Go

By Curly Nikki 73 Comments

by Chai of Back to Curly I’m sure many of us have watched & digested the natural hair video that’s evidently gone viral since the 1st hour of it’s posting several days ago. A young woman in clear visual distress, takes to her video phone to record a myriad of tribulations associated with her ‘unmanageable’ natural hair. It’s a doozy….certainly…

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Decoding Natural Hair Products

By Curly Nikki 11 Comments

A Rough Guide to Hair Product Naming Conventions by Joyful Mom of Happy Girl Hair A reader (Hi Sarah!) emailed me with a terrific question. She asked me how to tell the difference between hair products and how to figure out what each one does. Shampoos and rinse out conditioners are obvious, and detangler is usually right on the bottle,…

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Creating a Hair Regimen

By Curly Nikki 6 Comments

Evelyn of writes: For those new to the natural scene as well as old time curlies who just haven’t gotten the hang of it, there’s nothing more overwhelming (and time consuming) than figuring out a hair regimen! Returning to your natural texture is usually a time of education and experimentation, but to avoid wasting products, money and energy, here…

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Exercise and Natural Hair: A Match Made in Heaven

By Curly Nikki 26 Comments

Maria of To Be A Naturlista writes: I’m willing to bet the number one concern, or at least in the the top three, among the online black hair community is hair growth and retaining that length once gained. There are countless threads, blogs, vlogs and groups challenges dedicated to getting hair as long as possible. Women have admitted to swallowing…

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