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Curly Nikki

Should Conditioner Be Used On Roots?

by Mary Wolff In the world of hair care, there seem to be contradicting statements regarding just about every aspect of your strands. One of the more debated elements of hair care is the matter of should conditioner be used on roots or avoided at all costs. Some say using conditioner on roots will lead …

Curly Nikki

Characteristics of A Good Conditioner

source Tammy Goodson of CurlyChics Ask almost any natural woman about the top concern about their mane and most will tell you moisture retention. Textured hair has unique challenges in that it craves moisture as if its life depends on it and truth be told, it does. Conditioners are every curly girl’s answer to combating …

Curly Nikki

What is a Hair Conditioner?- Moisturizer vs Emollients

by Tonya McKay Marketing statements for hair conditioners contain a variety of terms to describe the properties of the products in a manner that is enticing to consumers. Included in these are familiar words such as: emollient, moisturize, seal, penetrate, repair, and condition. Ingredient savvy consumers often seek to attribute specific properties, such as “emollient” …