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Curly Nikki

6 Ways to Fix Damaged Natural Hair, Now.

IG @thejanellewatkins by Dr. Aziza Glass of So your hair looks amazing and luscious…and then you look at your ends. Or maybe just less than 24 hours after spending all the time and effort into moisturizing your hair…it feels rough and sounds crunchy. If this sounds familiar, it’s most likely you have dry and …

Curly Nikki

4 Ways to Use Rose Water for Damaged Hair

by Sabrina Perkins Humans and roses are involved in an enduring love affair. We love to use rose water, especially, in beauty products, perfumes, and even in cooking — mainly in Middle Eastern recipes. Rose water is made by steeping or steam-distilling rose petals in water in order to isolate the plant’s essential oils. Rose …

Curly Nikki

Stop Natural Hair Breakage, Now!

IG @cachosdavic by Sabrina Perkins of There are just some hair maintenance “musts” that one must do to ensure they keep healthy hair. Some are no-brainers like washing hair while others seem counter-productive. Believe me when I say it is like pulling teeth to get some to understand the importance of a biggie like …