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Curly Nikki

Try These DIY Natural Hair Gels

by Mary Wolff Hair gels can have some questionable ingredients in them that make many curlies think twice. Why waste time studying labels when you can make your own DIY natural hair gel? Whether looking to make your own DIY natural hair gel as a fun project or because you simply ran out of product …

Curly Nikki

7 Botanical Gels for Shiny, Healthy Curls

by Christina Patrice In the name of #curlsonfleek, our hair can become dry and brittle to the touch due to holding ingredients like polymers and certain polyquats present in our styling products. But thanks to the increasing demand for more natural products, brands are taking note and delivering gels and curl definers that are botanically-based. …

Curly Nikki

White, Flaky Hair Gel and Other Misadventures

Tonya McKay writes: It is not uncommon for various users of the same hair gel to report different performance results, sometimes drastically so. It can be very unnerving and discouraging to try a popular, highly recommended hair gel, only to discover that your own hair becomes completely unmanageable or develops a case of highly unattractive …