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Curly Nikki

Moisturizing vs. Sealing Natural Hair

by Toia B of LuvToBNatural Happy Tuesday y’all! In this edition of Hair Tip Tuesday, we’re briefly exploring the proper uses of certain products for moisturizing your hair versus what you might use to seal. Read On!>>> What is Moisturizing? Some synonyms for moisturize are dampen, drench and saturate… words associated with water. Simply put, …

Curly Nikki

Bantu Flat-Out Tutorial for Natural Hair

by Toia B of Are you a kinky-haired naturalista who is bantu knot-out challenged? Well, there’s hope! I absolutely love this natural hair tutorial from Jessica Pettway. She gives us a super easy alternative for achieving those beautiful curls on our naturally textured hair and it is GORGEOUS! Watch and enjoy! Continue!>>>  

Curly Nikki

Embrace the Shrinkage- It’s Good for You!

by Toia B of “Shrinkage” has become a four-letter word within the natural hair community and, quite frankly, I fail to understand what the huge fuss is about. Phrases like “shrinkage is the devil” or “I hate shrinkage” show up in photo captions on social media daily, usually in hashtag form. Why, girls… why? …