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heat protectants - Curly Nikki

A New Way to Blow Dry 4c Natural Hair!

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#Genius  Nappy Fu writes: “Sometimes a Natural likes to rock straight styles, better yet, semi straight styles. However, if your natural hair is kinky and coily this can be a challenge. Have you ever done a blow-out in which your hair looks like you didn’t just spend two hours blow drying section by section? Yes honey, been there done that….

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Heat Protectants- Silicones Are Our Friends

By Curly Nikki One Comment

by Sister Scientist  In my Fry Eggs, Not Your Hair experiment I demonstrate the effects of heat transfer on an egg to emphasize the importance of incorporating a heat protection product into your thermal styling regimen. If this demonstration does not convince you that heat damage is real, I really do not know what will. Heat softens the keratin in…

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