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#henna - Curly Nikki

Henna Giveaway!!!!

By Curly Nikki 70 Comments

Tamika, a very gracious CurlyNikki reader, is donating 400g of Punjabi Prime henna to us! Although I considered keeping it for myself, I thought it would be much more noble, and less selfish of me to put it up for grabs, lol! All you have to do is tell me whether you self-style and take care of all your hair…

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By Curly Nikki 10 Comments

Nik, Why do you henna overnight? what is the shortest time you have henna’ed and still gotten the same/similar results as an overnight henna? I henna overnight out of convenience and laziness. According to the experts over at Hennaforhair, 4 hours is adequate time to reap the conditioning and coloring benefits. I’ve done several successful 4 hour treatments. I just…

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Cheapie Henna Pics!!!

By Curly Nikki 45 Comments

Let’s keep it movin’ 🙂 As you gorgeous gals know, I’m blogging bedside today due to a minor snow storm in Carolina (YAY!!). However, I feel like I need to get dressed and at least go the grocery store so that this GREAT HAIR DAY is not wasted, lol. But alas, I can share it with you guys! As promised,…

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Cheapie Henna Review- Dulhan

By Curly Nikki 30 Comments

Hola Chicas! First of all…I’m watching Kanye on VH1 StoryTellers….HOTTNESS!!! He’s a friggin genius. Period. As I sit here typing, I have a head full of deep conditioner, in the form of Aussie Moist+Aubrey Honey Suckle Rose. In order to accurately judge the quality of Dulhan henna for you gorgeous curlies, I did an overnight treatment with Dulhan only…no Jamila….

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Retail Therapy

By Curly Nikki 32 Comments

Those of you that know me, know that I NEVER work on Friday. It’s my ‘maintain the sanity’ day, so that I’m better positioned to help my client’s maintain theirs! Instead of lounging around this morning, I got up and hit the streets. I was running dangerously low on DevaCare One Condition, DevaCurl Set it Free, and cheapie conditioner. I…

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It’s CurlyTrini again…and she HENNAed!!!!!!

By Curly Nikki 21 Comments

CurlyTrini henna’ed! Here’s her email review:_______________________I think I’m falling deeper in love with my hair!!!! Henna where have you been all my life and can we get married and grow old together!!!! I LOVE it! First of all the color is awesome! It’s not to bright at all…it’s rich and a welcomed change. The only thing that I have noticed…

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Spiral’s Henna Journey!

By Curly Nikki 19 Comments

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the beautiful Spiral, she’s my partner in crime on the infamous Naturally Curly 4a sticky- Experiences with Henna. This thread is a wealth of info…if you have the patience to get through it! Her hair is stunning, both pre and post henna. Check out the email interview she completed for CN:…

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Henna Pictorial

By Curly Nikki 96 Comments

Tips: Use your fingers- Opt for finger detangling before and after the application process. Applying and rinsing is stressful enough on your strands, so be gentle, and use your fingers instead of a comb or denman to detangle, to prevent unnecessary shedding. Use a moisturizing Deep Treatment after rinsing the henna. Avoid products with excessive amounts of protein. For DT…

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Hair Tip of the Day

By Curly Nikki One Comment

Toning Down the Orange I recently received an email inquiry from a gorgeous curly trying desperately to cover her resistant gray hairs with Henna. She had already completed three applications, but was still unsuccessful at toning down the orange. I have a few grays myself, but they’re now auburn due to a year’s worth of henna applications. I never payed…

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I’m a Henna Head…

By Curly Nikki 220 Comments

Hola Chicas! I’ve been henna’ing now for more than 2 years! My once fine head of hair, can now only be described as BIG. My curls hang longer (less shrinkage), the color is gorgeous, and the shine is ridiculous!! I owe it all to my other husband- BAQ HENNA. Catherine at Henna For Hair has written a wonderful article on…

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