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Curly Nikki

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Hair Cleanser

Evelyn of NaturallyCurly writes: One of the reasons I’m glad I went natural is the versatility and experimentation that my coily hair offers. I don’t have to worry about washing my flat iron job out or ruining my perm. I can try different products and techniques, secure in the fact that I can just wash …

Curly Nikki

Herbal Hair Rinses

After receiving Zhara’s Hair Growth Tea recipe, I became very interested in the use of herbs as a final rinse. Back in January I posted an article called Natural Remedies for Natural Hair–-the list below is a continuation (and application).  Catnip: Promotes healthy hair growth–many women on longhaircommunity swear by this stuff for long, strong …

Curly Nikki

Zhara’s Hairgrowth Tea

Remember the ridiculously beautiful and wholly natural Zhara?! Well she’s back to share a very special recipe with the CurlyNikki community. Zhara’s Hairsational Organic Herbal Hairgrowth Tea!!!!!! Healthy nutrition and exercise are definitely the most important part of your natural hair care regime in my opinion.What goes in the body is a good refection of …